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A night photo of Fermilab’s Tevatron collider. 02.24.14FROM THE LABS

Scientists Complete the Top Quark PuzzleExternal link

Fermilab researchers have finished a portrait of one of the universe’s fundamental particles. Read More »


Tracking Catalytic Reactions in MicroreactorsExternal link

Infrared technique at Berkeley Lab’s Advanced Light Source could help improve flow reactor chemistry for pharmaceuticals and other products. Read More »

Duckweed is a relatively simple plant with fronds that float on the surface of the water and roots that extend into the water. In the flask on the left, you can see the dormant phase, turions, that have dropped to the bottom. 02.20.14FROM THE LABS

Duckweed Has Potential As Biofuel Source

Pond-dwelling powerhouse's genome points to its biofuel potential. Read More »


Heavy Flavor Tracker for STARExternal link

New detector system from Berkeley Lab for quark-gluon plasma studies may lead to better understanding of early universe. Read More »


Media Advisory: A New Species in the Amazon Rain Forest – Scientists.pdf file (298KB)

The GOAmazon field campaign will enable scientists to study the intricacies of the natural state of the Amazon rainforest atmosphere and land systems, and how these may be perturbed by human influences such as pollution and deforestation.


Eight Teams Win Regional National Science Bowl Competitions, Secure Spots in National Finals in Washington, D.C.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz today announced that eight teams of middle and high school students won their regional competitions for the 2014 National Science Bowl this past weekend and are advancing to the National Finals in Washington, D.C., in April. Read More »

The CMI printer, a LENS MR-7 manufactured by Optomec of Albuquerque, N.M., uses models from computer-aided design software to build layers of metal alloy on a substrate via metal powders that are melted by a laser. 02.14.14FROM THE LABS

Ames Lab, Critical Materials Institute Speed Metals Research with 3D PrinterExternal link

3D Printer Technology will allow scientists to 'speed-read' through materials libraries, finding properties that best suit particular needs. Read More »


Superconductivity in Orbit: Scientists Find New Path to Loss-Free ElectricityExternal link

Brookhaven Lab researchers captured the distribution of multiple orbital electrons to help explain the emergence of superconductivity in iron-based materials.
Read More »


DOE Speakers and Sessions at AAAS.pdf file (57KB)

Representatives from the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Office of Science and its labs will be active participants in a variety of sessions at the 2014 AAAS Annual Meeting.


A Look Back at the 2013 Fermi AwardsExternal link

See highlights and interviews of this years Enrico Fermi Award winners. Read More »

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