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University California Davis 04.06.15University Research

Study at UC Davis Shows Rice Can “Borrow” Stronger Immunity From Other Plant SpeciesExternal link

Like most other plants, rice is well equipped with an effective immune system that enables it to detect and fend off disease-causing microbes. But that built-in immunity can be further boosted when the rice plant receives a receptor protein from a completely different plant species. Read More »

04.03.15From the Labs

Analytical Innovations Bring $10 Million Back to National Laboratory, BattelleExternal link

A suite of analytical innovations used to detect and measure very low levels of compounds and elements for environmental, national security and health applications has topped $10 million in licensing income for Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and its operator Battelle. Read More »

Princeton University 04.03.15University Research

James Olsen: Perspective on the World's Biggest Particle Collider Coming Online AgainExternal link

Olsen, who oversees all physics results produced by the CMS Collaboration, which consists of more than 2,500 physicists, discussed the discoveries that lay ahead at the LHC. Read More »

Cornell University 04.03.15University Research

Cornell Physicists Energized About Restart of Large Hadron ColliderExternal link

A team of grad students from Cornell will be among the many U.S. scientists working on the Large Hadron Collider when it restarts. Read More »

Washington University in St. Louis 04.02.15University Research

Pick a Color, Any ColorExternal link

A small team of scientists can synthesize molecules that will absorb any color of sunlight, from the oranges through the near-infrared, greatly expanding the palette of light-harvesting molecules Read More »

04.02.15From the Labs

In the Heat of the Reaction, a Single Atom DeliversExternal link

Not present when the reaction starts or ends, the driving force behind turning poisonous carbon monoxide into a benign form is a single atom that appears in the heat of action, according to scientists at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Read More »

04.02.15From the Labs

Longer DNA Fragments Reveal Rare Species DiversityExternal link

A team including DOE JGI and Berkeley Lab researchers compared two ways of using the next generation Illumina sequencing machines, one of which–TruSeq Synthetic Long-Reads–produced significantly longer reads than the other. Read More »

Princeton University 04.01.15University Research

Battery Bounce Test Often Bounces Off TargetExternal link

Researchers at Princeton University have found that the common test of bouncing a household battery to learn if it is dead or not is not actually an effective way to check a battery's charge. Read More »

Georgia Tech University 04.01.15University Research

HAWC Captures Evidence of Powerful Cosmic VisitorsExternal link

Through the High Altitude Water Cherenkov Observatory (HAWC), scientists will gather information on gamma rays that carry about a trillion times more energy than the photons that enter our eyes and allow us to see. Read More »

04.01.15From the Labs

Study at Berkeley Lab’s Advanced Light Source Shows Why Skin is Resistant to TearingExternal link

Making good use of the X-ray beams at Berkeley Lab’s Advanced Light Source (ALS), the collaboration of researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory made the first direct observations of the micro-scale mechanisms behind the ability of skin to resist tearing. Read More »

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