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University of Southern California 03.20.15University Research

Bucky-Balls Become BuckybombsExternal link

Scientists at USC modify bucky-balls so they explode when heated, which may have potential for killing cancer cells. Read More »

Carnegie Institution for Science 03.20.15University Research

New Transitory Form of Silica ObservedExternal link

A Carnegie-led team was able to discover five new forms of silica under extreme pressures at room temperature. Read More »

Computer simulations show a single proton (pink) can cross graphene by passing through the world’s thinnest proton channel. 03.19.15From the Labs

Graphene ‘Gateway’ Discovery Opens Possibilities for Improved Energy TechnologiesExternal link

Selective molecular membrane was discovered by a collaboration of scientists at ORNL’s Fluid Reactions, Structures and Transport Energy Frontier Research Center, including researchers at Northwestern, Penn State and the University of Minnesota. Read More »

03.19.15From the Labs

Computer Sims: In Climatic Tug of War, Carbon Released From Thawing Permafrost Wins HandilyExternal link

According to new computer simulations conducted by scientists from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), there will be a lot more carbon released from thawing permafrost than the amount taken in by more Arctic vegetation. Read More »

03.19.15From the Labs

Scientists Watch Quantum Dots 'Breathe' in Response to StressExternal link

Researchers at the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory watched nanoscale semiconductor crystals expand and shrink in response to powerful pulses of laser light which could aid in the design of new materials. Read More »

03.19.15From the Labs

Rare-earth Innovation to Improve Nylon ManufacturingExternal link

The Critical Materials Institute, a U.S. Department of Energy Innovation Hub led by the Ames Labratory, has created a new chemical process that makes use of the widely available rare-earth metal cerium to improve the manufacture of nylon. Read More »

03.18.15From the Labs

The Cost of Limiting Global WarmingExternal link

Study at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory finds real-world choices affect cost of emissions reduction, and shift them from emerging to industrialized countries. Read More »

03.18.15From the Labs

Experiments Combine to Find Mass of HiggsExternal link

The CMS and ATLAS experiments at the Large Hadron Collider joined forces to make the most precise measurement of the mass of the Higgs boson yet. Read More »

Drexel University 03.18.15University Research

Drexel Materials Research Could Unlock Potential of Lithium-Sulfur BatteriesExternal link

Drexel researchers, along with colleagues at Aix-Marseille University in France, have discovered a high performance cathode material with great promise for use in next generation lithium-sulfur batteries that could one day be used to power mobile devices and electric cars. Read More »

Northwestern University 03.17.15University Research

Catalyst Destroys Common Toxic Nerve Agents QuicklyExternal link

Northwestern University scientists have developed a robust new material, inspired by biological catalysts, that is extraordinarily effective at destroying toxic nerve agents that are a threat around the globe. Read More »

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