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University of Maryland 02.26.15University Research

Massive Amounts of Saharan Dust Fertilize the Amazon RainforestExternal link

New joint study by the University of Maryland and NASA quantifies the connection between Earth's largest temperate desert and its largest tropical rainforest. Read More »

Brandeis University 02.26.15University Research

Want Renewable Energy? There’s an Enzyme for that.External link

For the first time, Brandeis University researchers have observed and recorded each step of how the enzyme adenylate kinase (ADK), catalyzes the transfer of energy in our cells. Read More »

University of California Los Angeles 02.25.15University Research

UCLA Physicists Offer a Solution to the Puzzle of the Origin of Matter in the UniverseExternal link

Alexander Kusenko, a professor of physics and astronomy in the UCLA College, and colleagues propose that the matter-antimatter asymmetry could be related to the Higgs boson particle. Read More »

02.25.15From the Labs

Retracing the Roots of Fungal SymbiosesExternal link

Scientists at the Joint Genome Institute provide more insight into how plants and fungi develop symbiotic relationships. Read More »

Brandeis University 02.24.15University Research

Evolution May Hold the Key to Rational Drug DesignExternal link

Researchers at Brandeis University use Berkeley Lab’s Advanced Light Source to help discover how Gleevec successfully battles cancer. Read More »

02.24.15User Facility

Dendrite Eraser: New Electrolyte Rids Batteries of Short-circuiting FibersExternal link

PNNL physicists have developed a new electrolyte that allows lithium-sulfur, lithium-metal and lithium-air batteries to operate at 99 percent efficiency, while having a high current density and without growing dendrites that short-circuit rechargeable batteries. Read More »

02.24.15From the Labs

To Understand Heat Transfer, ORNL Team Takes Unprecedented Neutron Images of Refrigerant Flow Through Heat ExchangersExternal link

Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have captured undistorted snapshots of refrigerants flowing through small heat exchangers, helping to further elucidate characteristics of heat transfer. Read More »

Michigan University 02.23.15University Research

Beyond SiliconExternal link

Researchers at the University of Michigan contruct a new semiconductor that moves spintronics toward reality. Read More »

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 02.23.15University Research

Novel Crumpling Method Takes Flat Graphene From 2D to 3DExternal link

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have developed a unique single-step process to achieve three-dimensional (3D) texturing of graphene and graphite. Read More »

02.23.15From the Labs

Speeding Up the EpochsExternal link

Scientists at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) have created a new model that quickly shows if and when minerals form, which could be vital to creating cleaner energy. Read More »

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