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04.26.10Presentations & Testimony

"The Office of Science Perspective," .pdf file (6.6MB)

Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, presentation by Dr. W. F. Brinkman, Director, Office of Science, U.S. Department of Energy.

A seedling04.22.10Article

Office of Science National Labs Receive Award on Earth Day

Seven DOE Office of Science projects are recognized for their environmental sustainability.
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Clouds and a blue sky04.21.10Article

Past Weather Conditions Provide Insight for Future Predictions

New computer models are being developed to more accurately predict weather conditions and climate change. In order to test and evaluate these models, scientists are looking to observational data from the past.
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04.19.10NSB Journal

2010 marks the 20th year for the National Science Bowl.

To celebrate this accomplishment, NSB launched several new web site features to provide near real-time information as the event unfolds. Visit to read the latest journal articles, review scientific discoveries of the past 20 years and sign up for Facebook and Twitter.
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A boy sitting on the floor with a helicopter and bottle of glue04.19.10Article

High School Shop Class Gets a Green Make-over

An ACTS fellow from Colorado brings the latest green technology to his students.
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04.15.10Presentations & Testimony

"Science for Energy, Whitfield Lecture in Physics, Penn State University," .pdf file (5.7MB)

presentation by Dr. W. F. Brinkman, Director, Office of Science, U.S. Department of Energy.

A young female student experimenting with green goo04.14.10Article

Science Careers Seek Young Women

Argonne National Laboratory Strives to Energize Girls to Pursue Careers in Science and Engineering.
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.EDUconnections is Now Spotlighting Community Colleges Across the Nation Committed to Supporting and Advancing Science

Des Moines Area Community College and its array of science programs is featured this month.
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