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A photograph and a rendering mix, showing a veiw of the exterior building from the road leading up to the LSST site at night.07.23.12Article

Faster, Wider, Deeper: Pick Three

The Large Synoptic Telescope will offer unprecedented window on the sky. Read More »

07.23.12Press Release

Thirteen Department of Energy-Funded Researchers Honored with the Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers.pdf file (30KB)

President Obama named 13 U.S. Department of Energy-funded researchers as recipients of the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE). mobile07.13.12Article

A Handy App for a Handy Site delivers deep database searches on the go. Read More »

Medical Isotope Work07.11.12Article

A Production Breakthrough . . . and a Priceless Benefit

Office of Science supported research accelerates creation of critical cancer treatment. Read More »

Quantum effects in photosynthesis07.09.12Stories of Discovery & Innovation

Scientists Uncover a Photosynthetic Puzzle

Quantum effects are discovered at earliest stage of photosynthesis. Read More »

Gamma Gamma Run 3d07.05.12Article

Smashing Scientific Success

Office of Science Labs contribute to discovery of new particle that could unlock a massy mystery. Read More »

07.02.12From the Labs

Latest Issue of Symmetry ReleasedExternal link

The July magazine features everything from a Hamlet-esque commentary on the Higgs boson to a sixty-second explanation of the significance of the sigma. Read More »

Scientist on a laptop surrounded by word bubbles (Science Accelerator,, and various colored web icons (such as rss feed and refresh).07.02.12Article

Sixty-Five Years of Listening, Learning and Strengthening

The Office of Scientific and Technical Information brings DOE research to the world. Read More »

X-ray computer tomography (CT) image showing solid carbonate (calcite, green) grown in a network of glass beads (blue).07.01.12Science Highlights

Underground Storage of Carbon Dioxide—as a Solid

Nanoscale features in rocks enable more carbon dioxide to be trapped as a solid carbonate material underground. Read More »

Acctinium 225 in 2 V Vials07.01.12Science Highlights

Progress on Production of Alpha-emitting Radioisotopes for Cancer Therapy

High yield production of Actinium-225 and Radium-223 achieved by high energy proton bombardment of natural thorium targets. Read More »

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