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Help Choose the Next Iconic "Big Science" ImageExternal link

Vote for your favorite photo among the stunning submissions from the world's top physics facilities, including the Office of Science's Brookhaven Lab and Fermilab. Read More »

An electron microscope image of a zombie cell.02.13.13Article

Sandia’s Cellular Statuettes in Silica

Lab’s artistic forms may lead to many real-life applications.
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NOAA and DOE join forces to tackle climate modelingExternal link

Scientists with NOAA and the Department of Energy's Office of Science will coordinate their climate modeling research programs to answer some of the most perplexing questions in climate and Earth systems science. Read More »


"Fermilab: Science at Work" DocumentaryExternal link

"Fermilab: Science at Work" is a new 40-minute documentary from Clayton Brown and Monica Long Ross, makers of the PBS film "The Atom Smashers." It follows ten Fermilab scientists as they try to solve the mysteries of the universe. You can watch the entire film online now. Read More »

A group of students and a teacher holding a banner.02.11.13Article

A Competition Like No Other Rolls On

Winners for the fourth week of the National Science Bowl have been determined. See the finalists, and return for future updates here:

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ORNL scientists solve mercury mystery, Science reportsExternal link

OAK RIDGE, Tenn., Feb. 7, 2013 — By identifying two genes required for transforming inorganic into organic mercury, which is far more toxic, scientists today have taken a significant step toward protecting human health. Read More »

Image of National Science Bowl logo.02.07.13Article

A New Logo for the National Science Bowl

New insignia celebrates a competition like no other. Read More »


Kids of all ages welcome at Fermilab’s Family Open House on Sunday, Feb. 10External link

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory will host its annual Family Open House on Feb. 10 from 1-5 p.m. The open house offers activities for the whole family, from hands-on science exhibits to tours of some of the lab’s attractions. Read More »


UChicago to host experts for panel on the Higgs boson particle discoveryExternal link

The University of Chicago will host a panel of experts from UChicago, Argonne National Laboratory and the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory on Thursday, Feb. 7, who will discuss the discovery of the Higgs boson particle. In their discussion, titled “Critical Mass: How the Higgs Boson Discovery Swept the World,” the scientists will explain what caused such a stir around the world and why non-scientists should care. Read More »


Scientists Turn Toxic By-Product Into Biofuel BoosterExternal link

Engineered enzyme increases output of alkanes, possible replacement for key component of gasoline. Read More »

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