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02.03.15From the Labs

Office of Science FY 2016 Budget Request: Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR).pdf file (25KB)

The Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) program seeks to expand our computational and networking capabilities in order to extend the frontiers of science and technology. Read More »

University of Texas Arlington 02.03.15University Research

UT Arlington Awarded Department of Energy Grant to Develop Sensor System for Real-Time Evaluation of BoilersExternal link

A University of Texas at Arlington engineering professor is developing a distributed wireless antenna sensor system to monitor conditions of coal-fired boilers that will lead to making the units safer, more efficient and eventually producing better designed units. Read More »

University of California Los Angeles 02.03.15University Research

Team Led by UCLA and Columbia Engineers Uses Disorder to Control Light on a NanoscaleExternal link

Findings could lead to more precise information transfer in computer chips and other applications. Read More »

02.03.15From the Labs

5 Ways to Put Tiny Targets in Front of an X-ray LaserExternal link

Scientists at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have assembled an exotic toolbox for experiments that tap into the brightest X-Rays on the planet. Read More »

Rice University 02.02.15University Research

Evidence Mounts for Quantum Criticality TheoryExternal link

A new study by a team of physicists at Rice University bolster theory that quantum fluctuations drive strange electronic phenomena. Read More »


FY 2016 Budget Request to Congress for DOE’s Office of Science.pdf file (6.5MB)

Acting Director Patricia Dehmer presents the details of the Office of Science FY 2016 budget request. Read More »

02.02.15From the Labs

Cosmic Inflation Remains UndiscoveredExternal link

A previous study claiming the discovery of gravitational waves as cosmic inflation’s fingerprint has most likely been over-interpreted, scientists found in a joint analysis between the Planck and BICEP2 experiments. Read More »

Northwestern University 02.02.15University Research

New Method Allows for Greater Variation in Band Gap TunabilityExternal link

Northwestern University researchers discovered a novel way to control the electronic band gap in complex oxide materials without changing the material’s overall composition. Read More »

The schematic shows the molecular structure of a protein.02.01.15Science Highlight

Deciphering Distinct Atomic Motions in Proteins with Dynamic Neutron Scattering

Combining computer simulations with laboratory measurements provides insights on molecular-level flexibility. Read More »

Neutron diffraction data of barium iron arsenide with sodium ions substituted onto 24 percent of the barium sites (doping) showed evidence for a new magnetic phase in iron-based superconductors. 02.01.15Science Highlight

New Magnetic Phase Confirms Theoretical Predictions Related to Unconventional Superconductivity

Scientists uncover the microscopic origin of a magnetic phase in iron-based superconductors. Read More »

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