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The Enrico Fermi Award.01.13.14PRESS RELEASE

President Obama Names Scientists Bard and Sessler as Enrico Fermi Award Recipients

On Monday, February 3rd, Secretary Moniz will present one of the government’s most prestigious awards for scientific achievement to two of the nation’s most distinguished researchers. Read More »


Battery Development May Extend Range of Electric CarsExternal link

New anode quadruples life of lithium-sulfur battery, could also help store renewable energy more cheaply. Read More »


Heat Lost … Opportunity FoundExternal link

Researchers at Oak Ridge National Lab develop a comprehensive phonon “map” for engineering new thermoelectric devices. Read More »

Brookhaven Lab scientists (from left) Kumudu Mudiyanselage, Ashleigh Baber, Fang Xu, and Dario Stacchiola. 01.08.14FROM THE LABS

Catching Catalysts in ActionExternal link

Researchers at Brookhaven Lab have demonstrated an unprecedented ability to follow chemical reactions in real-time, and see the play-by-play of energy conversion. Read More »

The Coherent X-ray Imaging experimental station at SLAC's Linac Coherent Light Source.01.06.14ARTICLE

Protein Puzzles and Scientific Solutions

Researchers at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory solve fiendishly complicated structures using X-ray savvy and serious computing power. Read More »

PNNL Science as Art Calendar 01.02.14FROM THE LABS

A Year in the Beauty of Discovery and InnovationExternal link

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory publishes its 2014 Science as Art calendar. Read More »

The photosynthetic megacomplex from a cyanobacterium.12.30.13Article

Observing the Sparks of Life

EFRC researchers isolate a photosynthetic complex — arguably the most important bit of organic chemistry on the planet — in its complete functioning state. Read More »


Batteries as They Are Meant to be SeenExternal link

In the search for long-lasting, inexpensive rechargeable batteries, researchers develop more realistic methods to study the materials in action. Read More »


Chemist Direct Recommends Daily Intake of the ‘Sunshine’ Vitamin D for Essential Body Functions, Calcium Absorption and Pain Reduction for Certain Chronic IllsExternal link

A collaboration of international researchers with Berkeley Lab's Advanced Light ALS, a DOE national user facility, demonstrated that vitamin D deficiency also reduces bone quality. Read More »


Surprising Finds in a Rare Plant’s Mitochondrial GenomeExternal link

Rare and ancient plant gobbles up entire mitochondria from other plants and holds onto them for eons. Read More »

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