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07.26.12Presentations & Testimony

Basic and Energy Sciences Advisory Committee Presentation.pdf file (647KB)

Basic and Energy Sciences Advisory Committee, presentation by Dr. W. F. Brinkman, Director, Office of Science, U.S. Department of Energy.

07.25.12Press Release

Agriculture and Energy Departments Announce New Investments to Drive Innovations in Biofuels and Biobased Products.pdf file (91KB)

Office of Science supports the effort through grants, expertise and advanced techniques.

A photograph and a rendering mix, showing a veiw of the exterior building from the road leading up to the LSST site at night.07.23.12Article

Faster, Wider, Deeper: Pick Three

The Large Synoptic Telescope will offer unprecedented window on the sky. Read More »

07.23.12Press Release

Thirteen Department of Energy-Funded Researchers Honored with the Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers.pdf file (30KB)

President Obama named 13 U.S. Department of Energy-funded researchers as recipients of the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE). mobile07.13.12Article

A Handy App for a Handy Site delivers deep database searches on the go. Read More »

Medical Isotope Work07.11.12Article

A Production Breakthrough . . . and a Priceless Benefit

Office of Science supported research accelerates creation of critical cancer treatment. Read More »

Quantum effects in photosynthesis07.09.12Stories of Discovery & Innovation

Scientists Uncover a Photosynthetic Puzzle

Quantum effects are discovered at earliest stage of photosynthesis. Read More »

Gamma Gamma Run 3d07.05.12Article

Smashing Scientific Success

Office of Science Labs contribute to discovery of new particle that could unlock a massy mystery. Read More »

07.02.12From the Labs

Latest Issue of Symmetry ReleasedExternal link

The July magazine features everything from a Hamlet-esque commentary on the Higgs boson to a sixty-second explanation of the significance of the sigma. Read More »

Scientist on a laptop surrounded by word bubbles (Science Accelerator,, and various colored web icons (such as rss feed and refresh).07.02.12Article

Sixty-Five Years of Listening, Learning and Strengthening

The Office of Scientific and Technical Information brings DOE research to the world. Read More »

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