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Fermilab booth02.23.11Article

Boulevard of an Accelerated Future

Sweet treats and science give AAAS attendees something to smile about.
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Shaken not Stirred

DOE scientists discover forceful fluid with far-reaching applications.
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02.18.11Presentations & Testimony

"Science for Energy,".pptx file (13.2MB)

Presentation to the Department of Physics, University of Missouri, presentation by Dr. W. F. Brinkman, Director, Office of Science, U.S. Department of Energy.

Collage of President Lincoln and President Washington02.17.11Article

Innovative Chief Executives

Many U.S. presidents have promoted the “Progress of Science and the Useful Arts.”
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02.14.11Presentations & Testimony

Stakeholder Briefing on Office of Science FY 2012.pdf file (5.2MB)

Director Bill Brinkman presents the details of the Office of Science FY 2012 budget request to stakeholders.

This way to DOE Blvd02.14.11Article

Are You Curious?

Then take a stroll down DOE Boulevard.
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Science Cinema 02.09.11DOE Blog

Multimedia and Visualization Innovations for Science

Scientific videos highlighting the most exciting research and development sponsored by the Department of Energy are now available through ScienceCinema
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SEM of Carbon Spheres 02.04.11DOE Blog

Clean Stuff: The Latest from NOVA’s “Making Stuff” Miniseries

Office of Science Researchers are Taking on the Challenge of Creating a Cleaner World.
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Photograph of The LCLS Atomic, Molecular and Optical instrument hutch where experiments were performed 02.03.11DOE Blog

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Snapshot

Researchers at the Department of Energy's Stanford Linear Accelerator found a new way to take 'snapshots' of viruses and proteins, which could revolutionize the study of life.
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02.03.11Press Release

DOE Energy Innovation Portal Connects Innovative Energy Technologies to the Marketplace

The U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Innovation Portal now has more than 300 business-friendly marketing summaries available to help investors and companies identify and license leading-edge energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.
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