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hybrid solar- and wind-powered streetlights 11.03.10From the Labs

Green Goal: Argonne Wins Federal Award for Energy SavingsExternal link

Thanks to an aggressive energy saving plan, the DOE Office of Science's Argonne National Laboratory won a Federal Energy and Water Management Award for finding creative ways to save enough energy to power about 6,000 households and save enough water to fill approximately 180,000 bathtubs.
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Simulations of crack ice fracture 10.29.10ASCR Article

Researchers Set Out to Crack Ice Fracture Modeling Puzzle

Supported by the DOE Office of Science, researchers are modeling how fractures form and perpetuate in the vast ice sheets of Antarctica and Greenland.
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10.29.10Presentations & Testimony

"DOE Office of Science," .pdf file (2.6MB)

LHC Users Meeting, presentation by Dr. W. F. Brinkman, Director, Office of Science, U.S. Department of Energy.

Dr. Brinkman riding the power bike10.27.10Article

A Bike, a Backpack, and an Accelerating Track

Visitors excited and inspired by DOE exhibits at National Science and Engineering Festival.
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Dr. Brinkman 10.22.10DOE Blog

Join us at the Inaugural USA Science and Engineering Festival!

What do smart windows and biofuels, climate models and gravity accelerators all have in common?
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Smart windows 10.21.10From the Labs

Berkeley Innovation Leads to Smart New Applications.External link

Technologies developed at the Berkeley Lab have led to successful start-up companies producing smart windows, smart microbial analysis chips and a smart new material that transforms heat into electricity.
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10.19.10Presentations & Testimony

"Importance of Storage for the Grid," .pdf file (2.3MB)

Trans-Atlantic Workshop on Storage Technologies for Power Grids, presentation by Dr. W. F. Brinkman, Director, Office of Science, U.S. Department of Energy.

President Obama speaking at a podium with awardees seated behind him and an audience in front of him 10.18.10DOE Blog

LIVE from the White House Science Fair

At noon today, Secretary Chu will join President Obama at the White House Science Fair to celebrate the winners of a broad range of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) competitions.
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Power lines 10.14.10From the Labs

ORNL has Key Roles in DOE Cybersecurity for Energy EffortExternal link

Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory are working to make the coming smart grid even smarter.
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