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A series of x-ray scattering images are taken at ultrafast time intervals with an x-ray laser after excitation with an infra-red source that energizes the vibrational modes of a Germanium crystal.01.01.15Science Highlight

X-ray Laser Used to Produce Movies of Atomic-scale Motion

Stroboscopic x-ray pulses scatter from a vibrating crystal and reveal how energy moves. Read More »

Nanobionic Leaf: DNA-coated carbon nanotubes (top) incorporated inside chloroplasts in the leaves of living plants (middle) boost plant photosynthesis.01.01.15Science Highlight

Nanobionics Supercharge Photosynthesis

Carbon nanotubes and inorganic nanoparticles enhance photosynthetic activity and stability. Read More »

An anti-Brownian single-molecule microfluidic trap is used to observe individual light-harvesting antenna complexes in solution.01.01.15Science Highlight

Shining Light on the Fleeting Interactions of Single Molecules

New technique allows scientists to observe the dynamic structural changes of single biomolecules in solution. Read More »

12.30.14From the Labs

The Quality of LightExternal link

Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) and The Pennsylvania State University are closely studying one of these photosynthetic species of fast-growing cyanobacteria using advanced tools developed at PNNL to determine the optimum environment that contributes to record growth and productivity. Read More »

Rochester University 12.30.14University Research

Researchers Show Neutrinos Can Deliver Not Only Full-on Hits But Also ‘Glancing Blows’External link

In what they call a “weird little corner” of the already weird world of neutrinos, Rochester University physicists have found evidence that these tiny particles might be involved in a surprising reaction. Read More »

12.29.14From the Labs

Microscopy Reveals How Atom-High Steps Impede Oxidation of Metal SurfacesExternal link

A new study performed by a team led by Guangwen Zhou of Binghamton University, in collaboration with Peter Sutter of the Center for Functional Nanomaterials (CFN) at the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory reveals that certain features of metal surfaces can stop the process of oxidation in its tracks. Read More »

Michigan University 12.29.14University Research

World’s Most Complex Crystal Simulated at U-MichiganExternal link

The most complicated crystal structure ever produced in a computer simulation has been achieved by researchers at the University of Michigan. Read More »

Penn State University 12.24.14University Research

"Mind the Gap" Between Atomically Thin MaterialsExternal link

For the first time, the Penn State researchers grew a single atomic layer of tungsten diselenide on a one- atom-thick substrate of graphene with pristine interfaces between the two layers. Read More »

University Center for Atmospheric Research 12.23.14University Research

Coral Reveals Long-term Link Between Pacific Winds, Global ClimateExternal link

New research led by scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and the University of Arizona (UA) indicates that shifts in Pacific trade winds played a key role in twentieth century climate variation, a sign that they may again be influencing global temperatures. Read More »

MIT University 12.23.14University Research

Trapping Light with a TwisterExternal link

New understanding of how to halt photons could lead to miniature particle accelerators, improved data transmission. Read More »

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