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Weatherizing Homes to Uniform Standard Can Achieve $33 Billion in Annual Energy SavingsExternal link

Berkeley Lab energy efficiency experts also calculate energy cost of upgrading ventilation. Read More »

2014 National Science Bowl Logo10.21.13PRESS RELEASE

Registration Now Open for Department of Energy’s National Science Bowl

A competition like no other begins again for high school and middle school students from all across the country.
Read More »


Brookhaven Lab Helped Coax the Higgs Out of HidingExternal link

There's good reason for Long Islanders to celebrate the Nobel Prize in Physics awarded last week to Peter Higgs and Francois Englert for their prediction of the Higgs particle and the mechanism by which it gives mass to the building blocks of our universe. Read More »

Using genomics, Brookhaven researchers found a means to significantly increase oils in plant leaves—which could greatly enhance the energy content of plants as biofuel feedstocks.10.18.13Article

The Other Route to Biofuels

Scientists identify key genes for increasing oil in plant leaves. Read More »

An photo of a forest. 10.17.13FROM THE LABS

Death of a Spruce Tree, Life of the ForestExternal link

Study of the Black Spruce forest by researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the University of Maryland will improve our understanding of how climate change affects the health of forests. Read More »

Schematic of mechanism for generating a magnetic field.10.01.13Science Highlight

Spinning a New Type of Magnetic Field

Harnessing the spins of electrons in a new way - enabling efficient magnetic switching and holding promise for spintronic devices. Read More »

Nanofabricated chips of fused silica just 3 millimeters long were used to accelerate electrons at a rate 10 times higher than conventional particle accelerator technology. 09.30.13FROM THE LABS

Researchers Demonstrate 'Accelerator on a Chip'External link

Technology could spawn new generations of smaller, less expensive devices for science and medicine. Read More »


Energy Department to Award $100 Million for Energy Frontier Research Centers

Funding will help fuel innovative solutions toward next generation energy systems. Read More »


Be Amazed by the Work at DOE

Check out the National Library of EnergyBeta: A Gateway to Information about the "All-of-the-Above" Energy Strategy. Read More »


Supercomputers Help Solve a 50-Year Homework AssignmentExternal link

Calculation related to question of why the universe is made of matter. Read More »

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