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10.16.14From the Labs

ORNL Research Reveals Unique Capabilities of 3-D PrintingExternal link

Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have demonstrated an additive manufacturing method to control the structure and properties of metal components with precision unmatched by conventional manufacturing processes. Read More »

10.15.14From the Labs

Dust Takes Detour on Ice-Cloud JourneyExternal link

Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Lab found that pollution-coated particles bypass ice formation, but influence clouds. Read More »

10.15.14From the Labs

A Global Natural Gas Boom Alone Won't Slow Climate ChangeExternal link

Comprehensive analysis at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory shows that natural gas could displace both coal and low-emitting energy sources over the long term Read More »

10.15.14From the Labs

Séamus Davis Selected to Receive New Grant for Exploring Exotic Quantum PhenomenaExternal link

Davis will receive $1.8 Million over five years to explore new problems in quantum physics, to develop new techniques to probe the quantum matter in different kinds of materials, and possibly to delve into the quantum nature of space-time itself. Read More »

Stanford University 10.14.14University Research

Stanford Scientists Create a 'Smart' Lithium-ion Battery That Warns of Potential Fire HazardsExternal link

Stanford's Yi Cui and colleagues have created a lithium-ion battery that alerts users of potential overheating and fire. Read More »

10.14.14From the Labs

ORNL Researchers Make First Observation of Atoms Moving Inside Bulk MaterialExternal link

Researchers at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory have obtained the first direct observations of atomic diffusion inside a bulk material. Read More »

Graphene's hexagonal structure makes it an excellent lubricant. 10.14.14From the Labs

Slippery When Dry: Graphene Proves a Long-lasting LubricantExternal link

Argonne National Laboratory has identified the properties of a newer, exceptionally wear-resistant substance that works in a broader range of environments. Read More »

10.14.14From the Labs

Cloud Catching Requires Persuasive ParametersExternal link

A new study led by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory looked for which "tunable" variables were most influential in depicting various cloud types in a global atmospheric model. Read More »

Purdue University 10.10.14University Research

Electrically Conductive Plastics Promising for Batteries, Solar CellsExternal link

An emerging class of electrically conductive plastics called "radical polymers” may bring low-cost, transparent solar cells, flexible and lightweight batteries, and ultrathin antistatic coatings for consumer electronics and aircraft. Read More »

University of Utah 10.10.14University Research

Researchers Look Inside to Reveal Workings of Powerful Biochemical SwitchExternal link

A University of Utah-led study using X-rays and neutron beams has revealed the inner workings of a master switch that regulates basic cellular functions, but that also, when mutated, contributes to cancer, cardiovascular disease and other deadly disorders. Read More »

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