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Monsoon clouds gather over the Bay of Bengal in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.09.01.13Science Highlight

Tracing Aerosol Impacts on South Asian Monsoons

The effect of pollution aerosols on monsoons. Read More »


ORNL-Grown Oxygen ‘Sponge’ Presents Path to Better Catalysts, Energy MaterialsExternal link

Scientists at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have developed a new oxygen “sponge” that can easily absorb or shed oxygen atoms at low temperatures. Read More »

A computer generated image of the new Ames Sensitive Instrument Facility. 08.29.13FROM THE LABS

Ames Laboratory to Build Sensitive Instrument FacilityExternal link

New facility will allow scientists to study materials at the atomic scale and aid in their discovery and design of new ones. Read More »


Size Matters as Nanocrystals Go Through PhasesExternal link

Berkeley Lab researchers at the Molecular Foundry reveal fundamental size-dependence of metal nanocrystals undergoing phase transitions. Read More »

Artistic rendition of liquid-liquid separation in a supersaturated calcium carbonate solution. 08.26.13FROM THE LABS

Computer Simulations Indicate Calcium Carbonate Has a Dense Liquid PhaseExternal link

Berkeley Lab research could help scientists predict how carbon is stored underground. Read More »


New Twist in the Graphene StoryExternal link

Berkeley Lab researchers, working at the Advanced Light Source, have discovered that in the making of bilayer graphene, a tiny structural twist arises that can lead to surprisingly strong changes in the material’s electronic properties.
Read More »

Delia Milliron, Guillermo Garcia, and Anna Llordés created a new electrochromic material that can dynamically control transmission of both visible light and near-infrared light, enabling a new generation of smart windows. 08.14.13FROM THE LABS

Raising the IQ of Smart WindowsExternal link

Berkeley Lab researchers create new window coating which could lead to increased comfort and significant savings. Read More »


ORNL Finding Goes Beyond Surface of Oxide FilmsExternal link

Better batteries, catalysts, electronic information storage and processing devices are among potential benefits of an unexpected discovery made by Oak Ridge National Laboratory scientists using samples isolated from the atmosphere. Read More »


Device Captures Signatures with Tiny Piezo-Phototronic LEDs

Using thousands of nanometer-scale wires, researchers have developed a sensor device that converts mechanical pressure – from a signature or a fingerprint – directly into light signals that can be captured and processed optically. Read More »

The National Library of Energy logo.08.12.13PRESS RELEASE

Introducing the National Library of Energy Beta

A new search engine facilitating access to DOE information. Read More »

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