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10.07.15From the Labs

Brookhaven Lab's Links to 2015 Nobel Prize in PhysicsExternal link

Brookhaven scientists contributed to both Nobel-recognized experiments demonstrating that neutrinos change flavors, part of the Lab's legacy of groundbreaking neutrino research. Read MoreExternal linkage

Chicago University 10.07.15University Research

Department of Energy Creates Center for Computational Materials at ArgonneExternal link

The center is headquartered at Argonne, which is managed by UChicago Argonne LLC, with co-investigators from several universities, including the University of Chicago, Northwestern, Notre Dame, the University of Michigan and University of California, Davis. Read MoreExternal linkage

Delaware University 10.07.15University Research

Patched Atoms: Energy Researchers Discover New Structure for Bimetallic CatalystsExternal link

Researchers at the Catalysis Center for Energy Innovation, an Energy Frontier Research Center at the University of Delaware, have discovered that the imperfect patched surface of a bimetallic catalyst offers better performance than those formed from two perfect concentric circles. Read MoreExternal linkage

MIT University 10.06.15University Research

Big Range of Behaviors for Tiny Graphene PoresExternal link

Researchers at MIT have created tiny pores in single sheets of graphene that have an array of preferences and characteristics similar to those of ion channels in living cells. Read MoreExternal linkage

10.06.15From the Labs

New Argonne Centers Connect Business with Energy Storage and Nanotechnology ResearchExternal link

Argonne National Laboratory has created two new collaborative centers that provide an innovative pathway for business and industry to access Argonne's unparalleled scientific resources to address the nation's energy and national security needs. Read MoreExternal linkage

Vanderbilt University 10.06.15University Research

World’s Largest Atom Smashers Create World’s Smallest DropletsExternal link

As part of the Large Hadron Collider’s CMS detector team, Professor of Physics Julia Velkovska, post-doctoral fellow Shenguan Tuo and Research Assistant Professor Shengli Huang at Vanderbilt University have been in the middle of the creation of tiny, ephemeral drops of quark-gluon plasma (QGP). Read MoreExternal linkage

A surfactant template guides the self-assembly of functional polymer structures in an aqueous solution. 10.06.15FROM THE LABS

ORNL Researchers Find ‘Greener’ Way to Assemble Materials for Solar ApplicationsExternal link

Using three Office of Science User Facilities, scientists found a way to control the self-assembly of photovoltaic polymers with exquisite precision, using a detergent-like molecule as a template. Read MoreExternal linkage

Michigan Tech University 10.06.15University Research

New HOLODEC Study in Science on Using Holography to Better Understand CloudsExternal link

Using holography and an airplane laboratory, a team led by Michigan Tech found distinct mixing patterns in cloud droplets. Read MoreExternal linkage

University of Southern California 10.05.15University Research

Leading A Culture Shift in Materials ResearchExternal link

Priya Vashishta and his colleagues at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering will be unlocking the tremendous promises of creating novel materials thanks to a grant from the White House Materials Genome Initiative. Read MoreExternal linkage

10.05.15From the Labs

DOE Announces Funding for New Center for Computational Materials Sciences at Brookhaven LabExternal link

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has announced $12 million in funding over the next four years for a new Center for Computational Design of Functional Strongly Correlated Materials and Theoretical Spectroscopy at Brookhaven National Laboratory and Rutgers University. Read MoreExternal linkage

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