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Image of the NS1 protein structure. 02.07.14FROM THE LABS

Decoding Dengue and West NileExternal link

Researchers from the University of Michigan and Purdue University use Argonne Lab’s Advanced Photon Source to take steps toward control of growing public health problems. Read MoreExternal linkage


Crossover Sound: Researchers Find Unambiguous Evidence for Coherent Phonons in SuperlatticesExternal link

Berkeley Lab scientists played a prominent role in an experiment in which phonons – the acoustic counterparts of photons – crossed back and forth between waves and particles. Read MoreExternal linkage

Two High Resolution Spectrometers are shown with their shield house doors (white) open. 02.06.14FROM THE LABS

Quarks in the Looking GlassExternal link

Researchers at Jefferson Lab probe properties of ‘mirror symmetry’ in quarks and provide a new and much more precise measurement of one of their key properties. Read MoreExternal linkage


Ballistic Transport in Graphene Suggests New Type of Electronic DeviceExternal link

Using electrons more like photons could provide the foundation for a new type of electronic device that would capitalize on the ability of graphene to carry electrons with almost no resistance even at room temperature – a property known as ballistic transport. Read MoreExternal linkage


How a Shape-shifting DNA-repair Machine Fights CancerExternal link

Berkeley Lab’s Advanced Light Source reveals inner-workings of essential protein found throughout life.
Read MoreExternal linkage

President Barack Obama meets with 2013 Fermi Award recipients Professor Allen J. Bard, left, and Dr. Andrew Sessler in the Oval Office. 02.04.14PRESS RELEASE

President Obama Welcomes 2013 Fermi Award Winners to the White House

Drs. Allan J. Bard and Andrew Sessler honored for their exceptional contributions to science and service. Read More »


Big Chill Sets in as RHIC Physics Heats UpExternal link

Run 14 promises highest collision rates enabling exploration of detailed properties of early-universe matter Read MoreExternal linkage

Argonne materials scientists announced a new technique to grow these little forests at the microscale (the scale shows 100 micrometers, which is about the diameter of a single human hair). 02.03.14FROM THE LABS

Good Hair DayExternal link

New technique developed by scientists at Argonne National Laboratory grows tiny 'hairy' materials at the microscale. Read MoreExternal linkage


Fourteen Teams Win Regional National Science Bowl Competitions, Secure Spots in National Finals in Washington, D.C.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz today announced that 14 teams of middle and high school students won their regional competitions for the 2014 National Science Bowl this past weekend and are advancing to the National Finals in Washington, D.C., in April. Read More »


Letting in the LightExternal link

Self-cleaning solar panel coating optimizes energy collection, reduces costs. Read MoreExternal linkage

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