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09.01.16User Facility

When Nanofabrication Leads to Nanoscience: Optics Developed at the CFN Bring NSLS-II's Ultra-Bright X-rays into Focus for Scientific ImagingExternal link

Optics are critical components in a one-of-a-kind x-ray microscope that was recognized with a 2016 Microscopy Today Innovation Award and named a 2016 R&D 100 Award finalist. Read More »

Columbia University 08.31.16University Research

A Data-Cleaning Tool for Building Better Prediction ModelsExternal link

Software developed by computer scientists at Columbia University and University of California at Berkeley called ActiveClean analyzes a user’s prediction model to decide which mistakes to edit first, while updating the model as it works. With each pass, users see their model improve. Read More »


Emilio Ramirez: Path to Biomass Research Full of Twists, Turns and Personal DiscoveryExternal link

Ramirez, a California native who is now a University of Tennessee doctoral candidate working with the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, acquired his first experience with bioenergy as the lead operator of a biomass circulating fluidized-bed combustion facility. Read More »

08.31.16User Facility

Argonne Theorists Solve a Long-Standing Fundamental ProblemExternal link

Scientists from Argonne National Laboratory formulated a new method to provide a general and exact solution for any system at any energy, a solution that will benefit many areas of physics, chemistry, materials science, nanoscience and biology. Read More »

08.31.16User Facility

SLAC’s High-Speed ‘Electron Camera’ Films Atomic Nuclei in Vibrating MoleculesExternal link

An ultrafast “electron camera” at the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory has made the first direct snapshots of atomic nuclei in molecules that are vibrating within millionths of a billionth of a second after being hit by a laser pulse. Read More »

Visualization of the 3-D distributions of elements in a fluid catalytic cracking particle; each color represents a different element. 08.31.16User Facility

A Virtual Flight Through a Catalyst Particle Finds Evidence of PoisoningExternal link

At SLAC Synchrotron, two X-ray techniques give a 3-D view of why catalysts used in gasoline production go bad. Read More »

Michigan State University 08.30.16University Research

Plants Have Their Cake and Eat it TooExternal link

Scientists have thought for a long time now that plants don’t do a good job growing and defending at the same time. The Howe lab at Michigan State University has created a plant that does both. Read More »

08.29.16User Facility

Poof! The Weird Case of the X-ray that Came Out BlankExternal link

Researchers at SLAC’s Linac Coherent Light Source have observed a nonlinear optical effect, called “stimulated scattering,” that had never been seen in X-rays before and is a milestone in the quest to understand how light interacts with matter. Read More »

08.29.16From the Labs

Major Next Steps for Fusion Energy Based on the Spherical Tokamak DesignExternal link

Physicists at the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab and the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy are considering the design and materials for the next step in fusion reactions research – a device called a Fusion Nuclear Science Facility that could become a pilot plant and serve as a forerunner for a commercial fusion reactor. Read More »

Kansas State University 08.29.16University Research

J.R. Macdonald Lab Receives Nearly $8 Million DOE Grant RenewalExternal link

Kansas State University's J.R. Macdonald Laboratory hosts the atomic, molecular and optical physics program in the physics department and is one of the largest such programs in the country. Read More »

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