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05.11.16From the Labs

Berkeley Lab Scientists Brew Jet Fuel in One-Pot RecipeExternal link

Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have engineered a strain of bacteria that enables a “one-pot” method for producing advanced biofuels from a slurry of pre-treated plant material. Read More »

05.10.16User Facility

Energy Secretary Moniz Dedicates New Research Facility at Ames LaboratoryExternal link

Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz emphasized the role of materials research in clean energy innovation Friday at the dedication of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory Sensitive Instrument Facility. Read More »

University of North Texas 05.10.16University Research

UNT Researchers Discover Potential New Paths for Plant-Based BioproductsExternal link

A University of North Texas research team, working as part of the US Department of Energy's BioEnergy Science Center coordinated by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, looked into the roles of enzymes that convert amino acids into lignin in Brachypodium, a fast-growing model grass with a sequenced genome. Read More »

Jonathan Simon, University of Chicago, received the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers.05.10.16Profile

Making Materials Out of Light: Jonathan Simon

PECASE recipient illuminates materials’ true nature. Read More »

University California Berkeley 05.10.16University Research

Atomic Force Microscope Reveals Chemical GhostsExternal link

A team of chemists and physicists from the University of California, Berkeley, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has taken snapshots of two molecules reacting on the surface of a catalyst, and found intermediate structures lasting for the 20 minutes or so it takes to snap a photo. Read More »

05.10.16User Facility

Neutrons Tap into Magnetism in Topological Insulators at High TemperaturesExternal link

A multi-institutional team of researchers has discovered novel magnetic behavior on the surface of a specialized material that holds promise for smaller, more efficient devices and other advanced technology. Read More »

05.10.16User Facility

Ultra-fast X-ray Lasers Illuminate Elusive Atomic SpinsExternal link

New x-ray technique reveals never-before-seen, trillionth-of-a-second magnetic fluctuations that transform the electronic and magnetic properties of materials. Read More »

Keji Lai, University of Texas at Austin, received the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers.05.09.16Profile

The Physics of the Middle: Keji Lai

PECASE recipient develops new ways to study physics at the mesoscale. Read More »

05.09.16From the Labs

Large Hadron Collider Prepares to Deliver Six Times the DataExternal link

After months of winter hibernation, the Large Hadron Collider is once again smashing protons and taking data. The LHC will run around the clock for the next six months and produce roughly 2 quadrillion high-quality proton collisions, six times more than in 2015 and just shy of the total number of collisions recorded during the nearly three years of the collider’s first run. Read More »

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 05.09.16University Research

Split-Second Imaging Sheds Light on Biology’s Grand QuestionsExternal link

In a groundbreaking experiment with the world’s fastest camera, a team of physicists – led by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee ­– documented the fundamental processes of a chemical reaction unfolding in real time. Read More »

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