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Erdemir Receives Patent for Ultra-Fast Surface Hardening TechnologyExternal link

A newly patented technology by Distinguished Fellow Ali Erdemir and his team at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory could greatly extend the lifetime of mechanical parts. Read More »

Carnegie Institution for Science 08.12.15University Research

Colossal Magnetoresistance Induced in Pure Lanthanum ManganiteExternal link

A team of researchers at the Carnegie Institution for Science team have successfully used high-pressure conditions to induce colossal magnetoresistance for the first time in a pure sample of the compound lanthanum manganite, LaMnO3. Read More »


New Mathematics Advances the Frontier of Macromolecular ImagingExternal link

Berkeley Lab scientists are solving the challenge of reconstructing images of nanostructures – objects a thousand times smaller than the width of a human hair – with a new mathematical theory and an algorithm, multi-tiered iterative phasing or M-TIP. Read More »


Critical Materials Institute Rare-Earth Recycling Invention Licensed to U.S Rare EarthsExternal link

A new technology developed by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Critical Materials Institute that aids in the recycling, recovery and extraction of rare earth minerals has been licensed to U.S. Rare Earths, Inc. Read More »

University of Wisconsin-Madison 08.11.15University Research

Graphene Nanoribbon Finding Could Lead to Faster, More Efficient ElectronicsExternal link

University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers have discovered a way to grow graphene nanoribbons with desirable semiconducting properties directly on a conventional germanium semiconductor wafer. Read More »

Drexel University 08.11.15University Research

A Co-op Conducting Trailblazing Research For a Brighter TomorrowExternal link

Drexel University senior Matthew Parsons is completing a co-op at Princeton Plasma Physics Lab as a computational physicist, researching nuclear fusion and creating models of plasma disruptions. Read More »


Warning Area in Arctic Airspace to Aid Research and ExplorationExternal link

Scientists at the Atmospheric Measurement Climate Research Facility are working with personnel from the Federal Aviation Administration in the stewardship of a protected area of airspace, in order to gather data on clouds and atmospheric constituents and track the movement of retreating sea ice. Read More »

California Institute of Technology 08.10.15University Research

Caltech Announces Discovery in Fundamental PhysicsExternal link

Researchers at Caltech University, University of Chicago, and the Argonne National Laboratory recently used a synchrotron X-ray source to investigate the existence of instabilities in the arrangement of the electrons in metals, and to pinpoint, for the first time, how those instabilities arise. Read More »


Copper Clusters Capture and Convert Carbon Dioxide to Make FuelExternal link

A copper tetramer catalyst created by researchers at Argonne National Laboratory may help capture and convert carbon dioxide in a way that ultimately saves energy. Read More »

University of William & Mary 08.10.15University Research

Fermilab is 'Ecstatic' Over First NOvA Neutrino ResultsExternal link

Fermilab presented an analysis of the first results from its NOvA neutrino experiment on Aug. 7 and physicists from William & Mary were heavily involved. Read More »

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