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Iowa State University 04.20.15University Research

Iowa State, Ames Lab Scientists Describe Protein Pumps that Allow Bacteria to Resist DrugsExternal link

Research teams led by Edward Yu of Iowa State University and the Ames Laboratory have described the structures of two proteins they believe pump antibiotics from bacteria, allowing the bacteria to resist medications. Read More »


Unlocking Cloud GridlockExternal link

Researchers at PNNL developed a new way for global climate and weather forecasting models to represent cumulus clouds, accounting for updrafts and downdrafts in a manner that is far more accurate, regardless of the scale of the model. Read More »


INCITE Seeking Proposals to Advance Science and Engineering at U.S. Leadership Computing FacilitiesExternal link

The Innovative and Novel Computational Impact on Theory and Experiment (INCITE) program’s open call for proposals from April 15 to June 26 provides an opportunity for researchers to make transformational advances in science and technology through large allocations of computer time and supporting resources at the Argonne and Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility centers. Read More »

1998 National Science Bowl championship high school team pictured on the left and Paco Jain profile picture on the right.04.20.15ARTICLE

Champions in Science Whose Stars Are Still Rising: Profile of Paco Jain, National Science Bowl Champion 1998

For the run up to the 2015 National Science Bowl Finals April 30th to May 4th, this story is part of a series of profiles on previous National Science Bowl competitors and champions. Read More »

University of Illinois at Chicago 04.17.15University Research

Beyond the Lithium Ion – A Significant Step Toward a Better Performing BatteryExternal link

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago have taken a significant step toward the development of a battery that could outperform the lithium-ion technology used in electric cars such as the Chevy Volt. Read More »


The Softer Side of Control Without Clumping or CappingExternal link

Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) found that creating bare, two-metal particles provides insights into potential substitutes for costly platinum in fuel cell catalysts. Read More »

Florida State University 04.17.15University Research

Discovery Changes How Scientists Examine Rarest Elements of Periodic TableExternal link

A little-known element called californium is making big waves in how scientists look at the periodic table. According to new research by a Florida State University professor, californium is what’s known to be a transitional element, meaning it links one part of the Periodic Table of Elements to the next. Read More »


Major Advance in Artificial Photosynthesis Poses Win/Win for the EnvironmentExternal link

Scientists with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) and the University of California (UC) Berkeley have created a hybrid system of semiconducting nanowires and bacteria that mimics the natural photosynthetic process by which plants use the energy in sunlight to synthesize carbohydrates from carbon dioxide and water. Read More »


AMS Results Create Cosmic Ray PuzzleExternal link

New results from the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer experiment disagree with current models that describe the origin and movement of the high-energy particles called cosmic rays. Read More »


Packing Heat: New Fluid Makes Untapped Geothermal Energy CleanerExternal link

More American homes could be powered by the earth's natural underground heat with a new, nontoxic and potentially recyclable liquid that is expected to use half as much water as other fluids used to tap into otherwise unreachable geothermal hot spots. Read More »

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