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University of Massachusetts Amherst 09.24.15University Research

Characterizing the Forces That Hold Everything TogetherExternal link

UMass Amherst physicists, with others, provide a new software tool and database to help materials designers with the difficult calculations needed to predict the magnitude of van der Waals interactions between anisotropic or directionally dependent bodies such as those illustrated, with long-range torques. Read MoreExternal linkage

Michigan University 09.24.15University Research

Dark Energy Probe Involving the University of Michigan Reaches Critical MilestoneExternal link

University of Michigan researchers will build critical components of DESI, the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument whose mission is to shed light on the role of dark energy in the history of the universe's expansion. Read MoreExternal linkage

09.23.15From the Labs

Dirty, Crusty Meals Fit for (Long-Dormant) MicrobesExternal link

Scientists at Berkeley Lab and the Joint Genome Institute have revealed that even dusty, harsh desert environments contain a variety of microbes, which, when awoken, consume a virtual smorgasbord of metabolites; each type of microbe consuming a small range of metabolites, thereby avoiding pure competition and likely increasing species diversity. Read MoreExternal linkage

Northern Illinois University 09.23.15University Research

Physics Flexes its MusclesExternal link

‘High energy’ researchers at Northern Illinois University attract $1.77 million in new grants. Read MoreExternal linkage

09.23.15From the Labs

Argonne Microbial Ecologist Jack Gilbert Named One of Popular Science’s "Brilliant 10"External link

Jack Gilbert, a microbial ecologist and group leader in Argonne National Laboratory's Biosciences division, has been named one of Popular Science's "Brilliant 10" for his environmental and biomedical-focused research as part of the magazine's 14th annual awards list. Read MoreExternal linkage

University of Harvard 09.23.15University Research

Printing Lightweight, Flexible, and Functional MaterialsExternal link

Harvard researchers have designed new multimaterial printheads that mix and print concentrated viscoelastic inks that allow for the simultaneous control of composition and geometry during printing. Read MoreExternal linkage

09.23.15From the Labs

Oak Ridge National Laboratory to Co-Lead DOE’s New HPC for Manufacturing ProgramExternal link

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is collaborating with Lawrence Livermore and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories (LLNL and LBNL) to lead a new US Department of Energy (DOE) program designed to fund and foster public-private R&D projects that enhance US competitiveness in clean energy manufacturing. Read MoreExternal linkage

09.22.15From the Labs

Do Protons Decay?External link

Scientists are studying if it is possible for protons, the fundamental building blocks of atoms, to have finite lifetimes, and if so, what that means for the stability of atoms. Read MoreExternal linkage

09.22.15From the Labs

New Support for CAMERA to Develop Computational Mathematics for Experimental Facilities ResearchExternal link

Department of Energy has announced approval of a joint ASCR-BES-supported grant of $10.5 million over three years to expand the Center for Advanced Mathematics for Energy Research Applications (CAMERA). Read MoreExternal linkage

Michigan State University 09.22.15University Research

Building a Biofuel-Boosting Swiss Army KnifeExternal link

Researchers at Michigan State University have built a molecular Swiss Army knife that streamlines the molecular machinery of cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae, making biofuels and other green chemical production from these organisms more viable. Read MoreExternal linkage

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