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Florida State University 11.03.15University Research

Florida State Researcher Develops Material to Create Sustainable Energy SourceExternal link

In The Journal of Physical Chemistry, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering Jose L. Mendoza-Cortes details how this new material efficiently captures sunlight and then, how the energy can be used to break down water into oxygen (O2) and hydrogen (H2). Read MoreExternal linkage

Michigan State University 11.03.15University Research

Protecting Plants From Stealthy DiseasesExternal link

New research by a team of international scientists led by Michigan State University has engineered the receptor for jasmonate, a plant hormone that plays a central role in plant defense, to fend off stealthy attacks from highly evolved pathogens. Read MoreExternal linkage

11.03.15From the Labs

Cold Electronics Help Scientists Spot Elusive 'Ghost' ParticlesExternal link

Researchers at Brookhaven National Laboratory have been developing specialized cold electronics, instruments that operate while immersed in liquid argon, a cryogenic liquid that boils at a biting -186 degrees Celsius or -303 degrees Fahrenheit. Read MoreExternal linkage

11.02.15From the Labs

ORNL Tires-To-Carbon Technology Licensed to RJ Lee GroupExternal link

RJ Lee Group has signed an agreement to license an invention developed at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory that converts waste rubber into a valuable energy storage material. Read MoreExternal linkage

11.02.15User Facility

Chemical Complexity Promises Improved Structural Alloys for Next-Gen Nuclear EnergyExternal link

Energy from radiation can create imperfections in alloys, so researchers in an Energy Frontier Research Center led by the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory are investigating ways to design structural materials that develop fewer, smaller flaws under irradiation. Read MoreExternal linkage

University of Tennessee Knoxville 11.02.15University Research

Lack of ZZZZs May Zap Cell Growth, Brain ActivityExternal link

Lack of adequate sleep can do more than just make you tired. It could short-circuit your system and interfere with a fundamental cellular process that drives physical growth, physiological adaptation, and even brain activity, according to a new University of Tennessee study. Read MoreExternal linkage

11.02.15From the Labs

A Neutrino in a Haystack: Brookhaven's Contributions to the MicroBooNE Neutrino ExperimentExternal link

To uncover the secrets of neutrinos, scientists build massive detectors to help them spot these elusive particles. The latest, dubbed MicroBooNE, recently spotted its first accelerator-born neutrino event candidates at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. Read MoreExternal linkage

Washington State University 11.02.15University Research

Seeking New Sorghum, the ‘Camel of Crops,’ for BiofuelsExternal link

With funding from the U.S. Department of Energy, researchers at Washington State University and seven other institutions are investigating the development of sorghum crops that can grow in marginal soils with scant water and nitrogen yet produce large quantities of quality plant materials for brewing biofuels. Read MoreExternal linkage

University California Merced 11.02.15University Research

New Grants Aid Chemist’s Research, Support Student LearningExternal link

A quantum chemistry researcher at UC Merced and her colleagues at Stanford University and Washington State University (WSU) are receiving $1.3 million from the Department of Energy over the next three years to model charge and energy transfer for molecules in solutions. Read MoreExternal linkage

Inside the Super-Kamiokande detector, scientists clean light-detecting photomultiplier tubes from a raft as the large underground tank is slowly filled with 50,000 metric tons of ultra-pure water.11.01.15Science Highlight

A Nobel for Neutrinos: Super-Kamiokande

Discovery of neutrino oscillations, which shows that neutrinos have mass, garners the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics. Read More »

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