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University California Santa Barbara 08.19.16University Research

A Rare Iodine Polymer Discovery is Key to Starch-Iodine MysteryExternal link

In the pursuit of a new class of photovoltaic materials, UC Santa Barbara researchers used Raman spectroscopy to study the crystalline structure of polyiodide chains. Read More »

This rendering shows opposite configurations in the molecular structure of a plant hormone called jasmonic acid (gray and red) that are bound to nanostructures (gold and blue) called MOFs, or metal-organic frameworks. 08.19.16User Facility

A New Way to Display the 3-D Structure of MoleculesExternal link

Metal-organic frameworks provide a new platform for solving the structure of hard-to-study samples. Read More »

08.18.16From the Labs

Stony Brook University's Samema Sarowar Awarded Renate W. Chasman ScholarshipExternal link

Samema Sarowar, a biosciences student at Stony Brook University (SBU), has been awarded the 2016 Renate W. Chasman scholarship. Brookhaven Women in Science (BWIS), a not-for-profit organization at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory, offers the scholarship to qualified candidates to encourage women to pursue careers in science, engineering, or mathematics. Read More »

Determining Real Molecules in Operating Batteries08.17.16Science Highlight

Determining Real Molecules in Operating Batteries

Scientists determined new molecular-level information at the solid/liquid interface, pushing toward better energy storage devices.

Read More »

“High-Occupancy” Vehicle (HOV) Battery08.17.16Science Highlight

“High-Occupancy” Vehicle (HOV) Battery

Towards higher energy density batteries: singly charged lithium ions replaced by doubly charged magnesium ions.

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08.17.16User Facility

FM Global Researchers Say “ADIOS” to Bottlenecks at OpenFOAM ConferenceExternal link

Researchers from commercial property insurer FM Global use OLCF-developed middleware to drastically improve fire suppression simulations. The team used OLCF resources to test the speed and restart capability of ADIOS while simulating the spray dynamics from a sprinkler. Read More »

MIT University 08.17.16University Research

Targeting Neglected DiseasesExternal link

Researchers at MIT have for the first time identified the structure of class I fumarate hydratase enzyme, which could be a target for drugs combatting diseases prevalent in the developing world. Read More »

08.17.16User Facility

Unveiled: Earth’s Viral DiversityExternal link

DOE JGI researchers utilized the largest collection of assembled metagenomic datasets from around the world to uncover over 125,000 partial and complete viral genomes, the majority of them infecting microbes and providing researchers with a unique resource of viral sequence information. Read More »

08.17.16From the Labs

Scientists Uncover the Origin of High-Temperature Superconductivity in Copper-Oxide CompoundExternal link

Analysis of thousands of samples reveals that the compound becomes superconducting at an unusually high temperature because local electron pairs form a "superfluid" that flows without resistance. Read More »

08.16.16User Facility

Sugar Hitches a Ride on Organic Sea SprayExternal link

Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Montana State University, and Los Alamos National Laboratory found this "sticky" strategy not only shields these molecules from their soluble nature, it explains the discrepancies between models that predict sea spray's organic enrichment and the actual measurements of sea spray aerosol composition. Read More »

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