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05.13.16From the Labs

Crafting Complex Materials to Solve the Mystery of MagnetismExternal link

In the quest to synthesize a useful material not found in nature, a team led by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory devised a multidimensional analysis approach that combines multiscale synthesis, characterization, and modeling techniques. With this approach, they obtained the first direct measurement of atomic-scale ordering in LMNO, a material of interest for thermoelectric applications. Read More »


Nusnin Akter: A Role Model for Young Women and Underrepresented Minority EngineersExternal link

Stony Brook University doctoral student and Brookhaven Lab guest researcher brings her passion and curiosity for scientific research to the lab and the community. Read More »

Milind Kulkarni, Purdue University, received the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers.05.13.16Profile

Unlocking the Secrets of Irregular Data: Milind Kulkarni

Purdue University associate professor receives presidential honor. Read More »

Matthias Schindler, University of South Carolina, received the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers.05.12.16Profile

Nuclear Rule Breakers: Matthias Schindler

PECASE recipient shows how small exceptions help explain the inner workings of neutrons and protons. Read More »

05.12.16From the Labs

Getting a Better Measure of Spin with DiamondExternal link

Using thin slivers of diamond, scientists at Jefferson National Lab created a detector that can withstand the constant particle bombardment that some experiments generate to obtain the most accurate measurements to date from the CEBAF atom smasher. Read More »

05.12.16From the Labs

Solving the Biomass PuzzleExternal link

A group of researchers at Iowa State University and the U.S Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory hope to develop the pieces of the biomass puzzle to create a clearer picture of what takes place within a plant and how that applies to its downstream uses as biomass. Read More »

Southern Methodist University 05.11.16University Research

CERN’s Large Hadron Collider is Once Again Smashing Protons and Taking DataExternal link

Several thousand physicists worldwide, including a group from Southern Methodist University, are analyzing new proton collision data taken by the LHC to unravel the structure of the Higgs. Read More »

05.11.16From the Labs

A Major Upgrade of the Lithium Tokamak Experiment at PPPL Will Explore Liquid Lithium as a First Wall for Hot PlasmasExternal link

A promising experiment that encloses hot, magnetically confined plasma in a full wall of liquid lithium is undergoing a $2 million upgrade at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL). Read More »

Ohio University 05.11.16University Research

Scientists Develop Synchronized Molecular MotorsExternal link

An international team of scientists led by physicist Saw-Wai Hla of Ohio University has created molecular motors that can communicate and synchronize their movements. Read More »

Michelle O’Malley, University of California, Santa Barbara, received the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers.05.11.16Profile

What Biofuel Production Can Learn from the Zoo: Michelle A. O’Malley

PECASE recipient discovers gut enzymes that break woody plants into biofuel building blocks. Read More »

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