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Claire07.25.16Science Highlight

Soft and Small Imaging Breakthrough

Researchers develop breakthrough technique for non-invasive electron microscopy for soft materials Read More »

07.22.16User Facility

An Accelerated Pipeline to Open Materials ResearchExternal link

ORNL software engineers led the development of a software platform that combines the lab’s state-of-the art imaging technologies with advanced data analytics and high-performance computing to accelerate materials science research, reducing data analysis from months to hours, and creating feedback to fine-tune simulations. Read More »

University of Alaska Fairbanks 07.22.16University Research

Trees’ Surprising Role in the Boreal Water Cycle QuantifiedExternal link

A new study by University of Alaska Fairbanks scientists is the first to show that the uptake of snowmelt water by deciduous trees represents a large and previously overlooked aspect of the water balance in boreal watersheds. Read More »

Colorado School of Mines 07.22.16University Research

Hydrology Research Finds "Missing Link" in Water ModelingExternal link

Groundbreaking research on global water supply co-authored by Colorado School of Mines Hydrology Professor Reed Maxwell and alumna Laura Condon, now assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering at Syracuse University, appears in the July 22 issue of Science Magazine. Read More »

Vanderbilt University 07.22.16University Research

Super-Eruptions May Give Only a Year’s Warning Before They BlowExternal link

Researchers from Vanderbilt University and the University of Chicago have analyzed variations in the concentration of titanium in quartz crystals from several devastating volcanic events to determine growth times and growth rates. Read More »

07.21.16User Facility

Newly Discovered Material Property May Lead to High Temp SuperconductivityExternal link

Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Ames Laboratory have discovered an unusual property of purple bronze that may point to new ways to achieve high temperature superconductivity. Read More »

07.21.16User Facility

Scientists Harness CO2 to Consolidate Biofuel Production ProcessExternal link

Technique developed by researchers at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) and Sandia National Laboratories (Sandia) working at the Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI) controls toxicity of ionic liquids that could lower cost by recycling key ingredient. Read More »

Lumeras founder Andrew Merriam, left, and SLAC/Stanford Professor Zhi-Xun Shen with a tabletop laser the company developed and installed in a laboratory run by SIMES. 07.21.16From the Labs

SLAC and Stanford Scientists Work with Startup to Get Tabletop Laser Through the ‘Valley of Death’External link

Collaboration turns a novel tabletop laser – one that produces extreme ultraviolet light at unprecedented energies and pulse rates for studies of complex materials – into a commercial product. Read More »

Brown University 07.21.16University Research

World’s Most Sensitive Dark Matter Detector Completes SearchExternal link

At a conference in the United Kingdom, scientists with the LUX dark matter experiment present results from the detector’s final 20-month run. Read More »

Rice University 07.21.16University Research

Titanium + Gold = New Gold Standard for Artificial JointsExternal link

Titanium is the leading material for artificial knee and hip joints because it’s strong, wear-resistant and nontoxic, but an unexpected discovery by Rice University physicists shows that the gold standard for artificial joints can be improved with the addition of some actual gold. Read More »

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