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Purdue University 10.01.15University Research

Purdue's C3Bio to Host U.S.-France Science and Technology WorkshopExternal link

Purdue's Center for Direct Catalytic Conversion of Biomass to Biofuels (C3Bio) and Global Engineering Program are hosting the U.S.-France Science & Technology Workshop on Bioenergy this week, focusing on scientific breakthroughs needed to build the 21st century energy economy. Read More »

North Carolina State University 09.30.15University Research

Researchers Create First Entropy-Stabilized Complex Oxide AlloysExternal link

Researchers from North Carolina State University and Duke University have created the first entropy-stabilized alloy that incorporates oxides – and demonstrated conclusively that the crystalline structure of the material can be determined by disorder at the atomic scale rather than chemical bonding. Read More »

Cornell University 09.30.15University Research

Scientists Unravel Root Cause of Plant Twists and TurnsExternal link

Cornell University physicists and Boyce Thompson Institute plant biologists have uncovered a valuable plant root action, in that roots – when their downward path is blocked, as often occurs in rocky soil – display a “grow and switch” behavior. Read More »

Neutrinos are the ghosts of the universe. They pass through all matter and travel at near the speed of light. And some begin with a star’s violent death. Alysia Marino is spending her career hunting down neutrinos and learning their secrets.09.30.15ARTICLE

Hunting Cosmic Ghosts

Third in a series of profiles on the recipients of DOE’s Office of Science early career awards: Alysia Marino, a University of Colorado scientist who is spending her career tracking down neutrinos and learning their secrets. Read More »


Titan Helps Unpuzzle Decades-Old Plutonium PerplexitiesExternal link

Through an allocation by the DOE Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research Leadership Computing Challenge, a team of condensed matter theorists at Rutgers University used nearly 10 million Titan core hours to calculate the electronic and magnetic structure of plutonium. Read More »


ORNL Microscopy Finds Evidence of High-Temperature Superconductivity in Single LayerExternal link

Electron microscopy at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory is pointing researchers closer to the development of ultra-thin materials that transfer electrons with no resistance at relatively high temperatures. Read More »


The Color of SmogExternal link

A new study by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory scientists shows the molecular details of how organic aerosol helps heat up and color the haze over megacities. Read More »

MIT University 09.30.15University Research

A Natural Light SwitchExternal link

MIT scientists, working with colleagues in Spain, have discovered and mapped a light-sensing protein that uses vitamin B12 to perform key functions, including gene regulation. Read More »

Chicago University 09.29.15University Research

Probiotic Formula Reverses Cow's Milk Allergies by Changing Gut Bacteria of InfantsExternal link

Researchers at the University of Chicago and Argonne Lab have shown that infants who developed a tolerance to cow's milk allergy also showed an increase in bacterial strains associated with good health. Read More »

University California Berkeley 09.29.15University Research

Berkeley to Lead $12.3M Study of Crop Drought ToleranceExternal link

UC Berkeley is leading a $12.3 million project funded by the U.S. Department of Energy to examine the role of epigenetics in allowing plants to survive in drought conditions, an increasing concern for agriculture as the effects of climate change are felt in California and globally. Read More »

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