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Stanford University 11.07.14University Research

Stanford Engineers Use Technique From Petrochemical Industry to Store Solar EnergyExternal link

Chemical engineers at Stanford have designed a catalyst that could help produce vast quantities of pure hydrogen through electrolysis. Read More »

New York University 11.06.14University Research

Scientists Find Transitions Between States of Matter Are ComplicatedExternal link

The seemingly simple process of phase changes—those transitions between states of matter—is more complex than previously known, according to research based at Princeton University, Peking University and New York University. Read More »


Golden Approach to High-speed DNA ReadingExternal link

Researchers with Berkeley Lab and the University of California Berkeley create unique graphene nanopores with optical antennas for DNA sequencing. Read More »


Mountains and Winds Confound Particle DistributionExternal link

Data gathered by scientists at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and their collaborators show that local recirculation patterns, rather than the long-range transport of pollutants, create layers of aerosols above California’s Central Valley. Read More »

This simulation depicts two electron bunches - containing 5 billion to 6 billion electrons each – that were accelerated by a laser-generated column of plasma inside an oven of hot lithium gas during experiments at SLAC. 11.05.14FROM THE LABS

Researchers Hit Milestone in Accelerating Particles with PlasmaExternal link

SLAC demonstration shows technique is powerful, efficient enough to drive future particle accelerators. Read More »

Purdue University 11.05.14University Research

Study Gets to the Roots of Plants' Natural SunscreenExternal link

A new study at Purdue University examined the properties and mechanics of the molecule plants use to absorb harmful ultraviolet-B radiation, and its SPF rating would be off the charts. Read More »

University California Riverside 11.04.14University Research

Dark Matter May Be MassiveExternal link

Case Western Reserve University theorists suggest the Standard Model may account for the stuff. Read More »

University of Southern California 11.04.14University Research

String Field Theory Could be the Foundation of Quantum MechanicsExternal link

USC scientists uncover a connection that could be a huge boost to string theory. Read More »


Physicists Narrow Search for Solution to Proton Spin PuzzleExternal link

New Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) results reveal that gluons make a significant contribution to spin, an important intrinsic particle property; transient sea quarks also play a role. Read More »

Wright State University 11.03.14University Research

Formula Developed by Wright State Scientists Could Shed Light on Global Climate ChangeExternal link

Wright State University researchers have discovered a formula that accurately predicts the rate at which soil develops from the surface to the underlying rock. Read More »

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