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08.01.16User Facility

SLAC X-ray Studies Help NASA Develop Printable Electronics for Mars MissionExternal link

With help at SLAC's Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource (SSRL), a DOE Office of Science User Facility, scientists create plasma-printed sensors to monitor astronaut health on long space trips. Read More »

Demonstrating Strong Electric Fields in Liquid Helium for Tests of Matter-Antimatter Symmetry07.29.16Science Highlight

Demonstrating Strong Electric Fields in Liquid Helium for Tests of Matter-Antimatter Symmetry

Team’s approach enables a highly sensitive search for a neutron electric dipole moment, which provides insights into the nature of the universe. Read More »

Jet Tomography of Hot Matter07.29.16Science Highlight

Jet Tomography of Hot Matter

Using fast particles to probe hot matter in nuclear collisions. Read More »

Estimating Rainfall 07.29.16Science Highlight

New Radars for Estimating Rainfall Installed at ARM Sites

Data derived from these instruments will support climate model simulations of cloud processes.

Read More »

Modeling Water Runoff07.29.16Science Highlight

Modeling Choices and the Effects of Water Runoff on Plant Productivity

Understanding differences in modeling soil water will help scientists simulate how this moisture affects the climate. Read More »

Graber New Technique07.29.16Science Highlight

New Technique Shows Protein Changes in Intact Microbial Communities

Mass spectrometry and high-performance computing combined, allowing scientists to study proteins that link internal processes to community attributes.

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University at Buffalo 07.29.16University Research

Vortex Laser Offers Hope for Moore’s LawExternal link

The optics advancement led by engineers at the University at Buffalo may solve an approaching data bottleneck by helping to boost computing power and information transfer rates tenfold. Read More »

07.29.16User Facility

Teasing Out the Microbiome of the Kansas PrairieExternal link

In one of the most in-depth looks to-date at a soil metagenome — all the genetic material recovered from a sample of soil — a PNNL team has reconstructed portions of the genomes of 129 species of microbes, the first steps in identifying the genomes of the estimated 100,000 species in the sample. Read More »

Utah State University 07.29.16University Research

Keep a Lid on It: USU Geologists Probe Geologic Carbon StorageExternal link

An international research group studied carbon storage in a natural laboratory in southeastern Utah, examining the long-term interactions between CO2, water and rocks, to determine the characteristics of geological formations able to effectively contain carbon dioxide emissions. Read More »

07.29.16User Facility

ORNL Computational Resources and Experts Support Cancer Moonshot InitiativeExternal link

The Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory will add its computational know-how to the battle against cancer through several new projects recently announced at the White House Cancer Moonshot Summit. Read More »

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