Communications and Public Affairs

As the nation's primary supporter for research in the physical sciences, the DOE Office of Science (SC) has an unparalleled opportunity - and responsibility - to generate awareness, understanding, and support for scientific discovery and basic energy research. SC's Office of Communications and Public Affairs (OCPA, designated SC-47) is charged with providing strategic counsel and tactical support for:

  • Message iternation and refinement: We articulate and disseminate enterprise-level messages about basic research for use by SC and DOE leadership and stakeholders.
  • Content identification and generation: We systematically identify opportunities to develop new content and share existing content about SC's research portfolio.
  • Media placement and amplification: We help media outlets understand and report SC-sponsored basic research.
  • Public engagement and participation: We identify SC's key publics and understand their information-seeking behaviors in order to keep them informed about our work.
  • Environmental scanning: We regularly monitor media, legislative, and stakeholder communications to advise senior office and agency officials about emerging news and public affairs issues and concerns.
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