Communications and Public Affairs



Phone: (202) 287-5813
Twitter: @doescience


Rick Borchelt
Phone: 202-586-4477

Rick Borchelt is director of the Office for Communications and Public Affairs. He also manages the community of practice initiative, identifying and sharing best practices and communications insights from the science communication literature.

Communications & Outreach Manager

Kate Bannan
Phone: 202-586-7814

As an Outreach and Communications Manager, Kate is responsible for developing and implementing strategic communications and outreach programs for the office's external stakeholders, with an emphasis on universities. She is OCPA's lead on coordinating award ceremonies and events, including the Fermi Awards, the EO Lawrence Awards, the PECASE Awards, and the Science Speakers program. She also manages OCPA's external news platform and syndication site.

Communications Associate

Natalie Close
Phone: 202-287-5813

Natalie is the editorial workflow manager, making sure news gets play on the Office of Science website as well as looking into other amplification opportunities. Through her environmental scans she keeps a pulse on the Office of Science news, from both internal and external sources. Natalie is a program analyst - researching, evaluating, and disseminating the Office of Science products.

Media Relations Manager


Web Manager

Dean Pettersson
Phone: 202-287-6991

Dean manages and maintains the Office of Science website and twitter account. As part of the editorial team, he ensures that the content on those communications channels is refreshed regularly, and conducts frequent environmental scans in order to find articles and technologies that can be amplified and featured. Dean also gathers and analyzes site metrics, creating regular web reports and making recommendations for optimizing site usage based on those results. Finally, Dean serves as the first point of contact for website visitors, responding to emailed questions and/or redirecting them to appropriate parties.

Editorial Services Manager

Charles M. Rousseaux
Phone: 202-287-5760

Charles leads OCPA's editorial services team in managing the flow of content from SC's labs and research facilities to the SC homepage and then out on its communications channels. A primary point of contact for internal communications, he also writes and edits blog posts and other materials. In addition to those duties, Charles leads the Science Writers Group, which consists of about 60 content creators across DOE's national labs.

Communications Specialist

Sandra Allen McLean
Phone: 202-586-4344

Sandra is responsible for identifying, curating, or creating lay-language content about Office of Science-funded research for DOE web sites, popular and trade media, and stakeholder education. She develops for public use narratives on research, especially R&D conducted jointly between labs or between labs and other research partners, or using the Office of Science user facilities. She also serves as liaison to program specialty areas.

Communications Specialist

Ethan Alpern
Phone: 202-586-4307

Ethan Alpern serves as a member of the media relations team, working with science writers in the press and new media to identify stories that would be of interest to their readers and audiences, and is part of the publicity team for DOE's National Science Bowl. Ethan joined the team from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) after serving as a Public Affairs Specialist for the agency. In that role, he primarily served as the media contact and outreach coordinator for the Water Mission Area and Minerals Resource Program.

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