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A photograph and a rendering mix, showing a veiw of the exterior building from the road leading up to the LSST site at night.07.23.12Article

Faster, Wider, Deeper: Pick Three

The Large Synoptic Telescope will offer unprecedented window on the sky. Read More »

science.gov mobile07.13.12Article

A Handy App for a Handy Site

Science.gov delivers deep database searches on the go. Read More »

Medical Isotope Work07.11.12Article

A Production Breakthrough . . . and a Priceless Benefit

Office of Science supported research accelerates creation of critical cancer treatment. Read More »

Gamma Gamma Run 3d07.05.12Article

Smashing Scientific Success

Office of Science Labs contribute to discovery of new particle that could unlock a massy mystery. Read More »

Scientist on a laptop surrounded by word bubbles (Science Accelerator, science.gov, worldwidescience.org) and various colored web icons (such as rss feed and refresh).07.02.12Article

Sixty-Five Years of Listening, Learning and Strengthening

The Office of Scientific and Technical Information brings DOE research to the world. Read More »

A Nephila clavipes female spider in the center of her web. The radial strands and scaffolding of her web is composed of major and minor ampullate spider silk fibers. Commonly referred to as dragline silk, this substance was imaged at the nanoscale at Argonne’s Advanced Photon Source. Image by Jeff Yarger.06.29.12Article

Astonishing Materials and an Amazing Arachnid

Real-life discoveries at the National Labs outshine the reel life of Peter Parker. Read More »

Rain clouds with visible area of downpour in the distance over a green field with shrubs in eastern New Mexico.06.27.12Article

Dust Deserves More than the Brush-Off

Desert dust intensifies summer rainfall in U.S. Southwest. Read More »

This model of the highly effective form of the bioremediation enzyme ChrR shows the intermolecular interactions and unique multi-atom hydrogen bonds (dotted lines) that may be the key to understanding the enzyme's efficacy in reducing the toxicity of some dangerous pollutants.06.22.12Article

A Potent Pollutant and a Pedestrian Protein

Brookhaven Lab illuminates potential solution for malevolent metal made famous by Erin Brockovich. Read More »

This rendering shows a lysozyme structural model against its X-ray diffraction pattern from SLAC’s Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS), a powerful X-ray laser facility. 06.19.12Article

Bright Lights and a Few Good Eggs

Researchers at SLAC National Accelerator develop new technique to crack the structures of biomolecules. Read More »

Amit Goyal at the DOE podium delivering a presentation for the Science Lecture Series. 06.08.12Science Lecture Series

From 'Muddy' Substances To Amazing MaterialsExternal link

Dr. Amit Goyal, a researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, delivers the inaugural Science Lecture on the development of high-temperature superconductors. Read More »