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A group of students on a stage.04.22.13Article

March Madness, But With A Mission

Upcoming Science Bowl Finals will show that it truly is a competition like no other. Read More »

A photo of a satellite orbiting earth.04.15.13Article

Dark Matter and Discovery

Office of Science supported experiment captures potential signals from potent particles. Read More »

An image of a group of people standing infront of a building. 04.12.13FROM THE LABS

Doors Open at New Interdisciplinary Science Building for Energy Research at Brookhaven LabExternal link

On April 11, 2013, the doors were opened at the Interdisciplinary Science Building (ISB), a new world-class research facility at the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory where scientists will work to drive breakthrough solutions to the nation's energy challenges. Read More »

An image of a laser pulse through a magnetic structure. 04.08.13FROM THE LABS

Quantum Tricks Drive Magnetic Switching Into the Fast LaneExternal link

All-optical switching promises terahertz-speed hard drive and RAM memory. Read More »

An image of silicon atoms on graphene sheet 04.03.13FROM THE LABS

ORNL Microscopy Uncovers "Dancing" Silicon Atoms in GrapheneExternal link

Jumping silicon atoms are the stars of an atomic scale ballet featured in a new study from the Office of Science's Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Read More »

A group of students and a teacher holding a banner.04.01.13Article

The Final Tickets Have Been Punched . . . For a Competition Like No Other

Regional competitions for the National Science Bowl have concluded. See the finalists, and return for future updates here. Read More »

An image of a scientist working. 03.27.13FROM THE LABS

Accelerating Particles Accelerates Science — With Big Benefits for SocietyExternal link

Tackling the most challenging problems in accelerator science attracts the world's best and brightest to Brookhaven Lab. It's only natural that ideas and techniques born here take root in new research facilities around the world — and spark a host of spin-off applications for industry, medicine, national security, and more. Read More »

A group of students and a teacher holding a banner.03.20.13Article

The Final Brackets Are Being Set . . . For a Competition Like No Other

Two more teams joined the tourney of National Science Bowl finalists. See the newest winners, and return for future updates here.

Read More »

A group of students and a teacher holding a banner.03.11.13Article

Spring‘ing’ Forward Into the Finals . . . Of A Competition Like No Other

Several more schools leaped over their competitors to become winners of this weekend’s National Science Bowl regional competitions. See the newest finalists, and return for future updates here:

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An image of cobalt atoms03.06.13Article

Overcoming Resistance and Lighting Up the World

Research at Brookhaven Lab opens new possibilities in superconductors.

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