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A photo of a diver in the ocean.06.17.13From the Labs

Cracking a Cold Case and Enduring Mystery

Researchers use Berkeley Lab’s advanced technology to reveal the secrets of ancient concrete. Read More »

A photo of a cloud data center. 06.12.13From the Labs

Berkeley Lab Study Finds Moving Select Computer Services to the Cloud Promises Significant Energy SavingsExternal link

Sky is the limit for potential savings from moving software applications to centralized systems. Read MoreExternal linkage

A scientist working with a focused-ion beam instrument.06.10.13From the Labs

Bright Lights and Even Brighter Ideas

Office of Science-supported researchers are illuminating the way to better LEDs. Read More »

A photo of people looking at a display. 06.05.13From the Labs

Thousands Enjoy Fun Science at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory’s Open HouseExternal link

Office of Science’s world-class research center points way to future possibilities in fusion energy. Read MoreExternal linkage

An picture of a semiconductor next to Stanford logo. 06.03.13From the Labs

New Way to Print Organic ElectronicsExternal link

Method produces semiconductors of strikingly higher quality. Read MoreExternal linkage

An image of a hand over a touchscreen.05.29.13Article

Revolutionizing the Touch Screen?

Using nanotechnology, EFRC researchers fashion a new kind of transparent electrode for flat-panel displays. Read More »

Three scientists infront of a computer station.05.23.13From the Labs

Opening the Eye-Popping Possibilities of the Smallest Scales

Scientists are probing the bottom – and building up new materials – thanks to the Office of Science’s Nanoscale Science Research Centers. Read More »

An image of DNA-tethered nanorods. 05.20.13From the Labs

DNA-Guided Assembly Yields Novel Ribbon-Like NanostructuresExternal link

Approach could be useful in fabricating new kinds of materials with engineered properties. Read MoreExternal linkage

A photo of two scientists at a computer terminal.05.16.13From the Labs

Searching for Knowledge, ‘To infinity, and beyond!’

Quest for dark matter takes Office of Science supported research from high in the sky to deep underground. Read More »

An image of a nano DESI over a city.05.13.13From the Labs

Little Drop Goes a Long Way in Studying Microbial and Atmospheric Reactions

New technique developed by researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has potential to make a big splash. Read More »

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