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A group of students and a teacher holding a banner.01.28.13Article

The Second Week of A Competition Like No Other has Concluded

New Finalists for the National Science Bowl have been determined. See the winners, and return for future updates here: Read More »

A group of students and teachers holding a banner.01.24.13Article

A Competition Like No Other has Begun

The first National Science Bowl regionals have been decided. See the winners, and return for future updates here: Read More »

A group of students gathered around a table.01.16.13Article

The Battle of Wits Begins

Thousands of students are set to compete in the National Science Bowl. Read More »

An image of a schematic diagram.01.14.13Article

Follow the Atoms

Innovative computational approach accurately maps biochemical reactions at the atomic level. Read More »

An photo of a laboratory building. 01.11.13From the Labs

Ever Wanted a Look Inside a Lab?External link

Take a virtual tour of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory, including its photoelectron spectrometer, its STORM microscope and even its solar array.
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An image of a supernova next to a galaxy. 01.09.13From the Labs

The Farthest Supernova Yet for Measuring Cosmic HistoryExternal link

Berkeley Lab-based Supernova Cosmology Project uses Hubble Space Telescope data to discover the most distant well-measured Type Ia supernova ever found.
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An image of a geyser at Yellowstone National Park.01.07.13Article

Novel Group of Microorganisms Found in Yellowstone Hot Springs

Discovery of a new phylum is key to understanding microbial community structure and function. Read More »

An image of computer simulated molecules. 01.03.13From the Labs

How Computers Push on the Molecules They SimulateExternal link

Berkeley Lab bioscientists and their colleagues decipher a far-reaching problem in computer simulations.
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Three images of actuators shown in a micrograph. 12.18.12From the Labs

Flexing fingers for micro-robotics:External link

Berkeley Lab scientists create a powerful, microscale actuator.
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A map of intensities merged using the CrystFEL software.12.17.12Article

Lights in the Darkness . . . and Hope from the Labs

Research at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory provides new insights into two terrible diseases.

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