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Cistern Spring in Yellowstone National Park is home to the elusive archaeon Nanopusillus acidilobi. 07.05.16From the Labs

ORNL Scientists Isolate and Culture Elusive Yellowstone MicrobeExternal link

A microbial partnership thriving in an acidic hot spring in Yellowstone National Park has surrendered some of its lifestyle secrets to researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Read MoreExternal linkage

Postdoctoral associate Yuanheng Cai, biological research associate Xuebin Zhang, and plant biochemist Chang-Jun Liu in the Brookhaven Lab greenhouse with transgenic trees designed to improve biofuel production. 06.28.16User Facility

Study Shows Trees with Altered Lignin are Better for BiofuelsExternal link

Fundamental enzyme study leads to increased access to bioenergy feedstocks and improves ethanol yield by modifying plant cell wall structures. Read MoreExternal linkage

 PNNL illustration of the phenomenon, 06.14.16User Facility

Weird, Water-Oozing Material Could Help Quench ThirstExternal link

Nanorods' behavior first theorized 20 years ago, but not seen until now. Read MoreExternal linkage

A new mathematical framework developed at Berkeley Lab allows researchers to capture fluid dynamics at unprecedented detail. 06.10.16User Facility

New Mathematics Accurately Captures Liquids and Surfaces Moving in SynergyExternal link

Berkeley Lab mathematics captures fluid interface dynamics in unprecedented detail. Read MoreExternal linkage

A simulation of combustion within two adjacent gas turbine combustors. 06.01.16User Facility

Better Combustion for Power GenerationExternal link

OLCF’s Titan supercomputer propels GE beyond the limits of gas turbine testing. Read MoreExternal linkage

Mira ranks among the world’s most energy-efficient supercomputers, making it within the top 100 of the green supercomputing list.05.18.16Article

Slimming Down Supercomputers

Scientists curb the energy appetite of the nation’s “answer machines.” Read More »

Dr. Eric Brown gives a talk on the computing system Watson and its application in healthcare during the Science Day Program at the 2016 National Science Bowl competition05.17.16Profile

How Would IBM’s Quiz-Show Computer, Watson, Do as a Competitor in the National Science Bowl?

Eric Brown of IBM Watson Health spoke about the Grand Challenges program, designing the Watson computer that played and won Jeopardy!, and the quest for solutions in natural language processing. Read More »

William Tisdale, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, received the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers.05.16.16Profile

Why Did the Electron Cross the Solar Cell? William Tisdale Knows

PECASE recipient’s technique tracks charged particles, offering insights for solar cells, LEDs, and more. Read More »

Milind Kulkarni, Purdue University, received the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers.05.13.16Profile

Unlocking the Secrets of Irregular Data: Milind Kulkarni

Purdue University associate professor receives presidential honor. Read More »

Matthias Schindler, University of South Carolina, received the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers.05.12.16Profile

Nuclear Rule Breakers: Matthias Schindler

PECASE recipient shows how small exceptions help explain the inner workings of neutrons and protons. Read More »