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Fermilab logo 06.16.10From the Labs

New Measurements from Fermilab’s MINOS Experiment Suggest a Difference in a Key Property of Neutrinos and AntineutrinosExternal link

Scientists of the MINOS experiment at the Department of Energy's Fermi National Accelerator laboratory announced the world's most precise measurement to date of the parameters that govern antineutrino oscillations, the back-and-forth transformations of antineutrinos from one type to another.
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Scientist's gloved hand holding a small glass tube with a trace amount of green liquid 06.09.10From the Labs

Creating New ElementsExternal link

An international team of U.S. and Russian scientists recently succeeded in creating the newest superheavy element with 117 protons, expanding the periodic table. Some of the work was done at the Office of Science's Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
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Scientist on a computer in the lab 06.07.10From the Labs

Argonne Scientists Reveal Secret of Nanoparticle Crystallization in Real TimeExternal link

A collaboration between the Advanced Photon Source and Center for Nanoscale Materials at U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory has "seen" the crystallization of nanoparticles in unprecedented detail.
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Two men in suits standing in front of an exhibit display06.04.10Article

Market, To Market, Bringing Technologies to Market

The Department of Energy receives eight awards for technology transfer.
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Group of students and teachers gathered in front of an Office of Science exhibit04.26.10Article

Student Researchers Present Findings at Annual Science Meeting

Department of Energy student interns present their research findings at the annual AAAS conference.
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A seedling04.22.10Article

Office of Science National Labs Receive Award on Earth Day

Seven DOE Office of Science projects are recognized for their environmental sustainability.
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Clouds and a blue sky04.21.10Article

Past Weather Conditions Provide Insight for Future Predictions

New computer models are being developed to more accurately predict weather conditions and climate change. In order to test and evaluate these models, scientists are looking to observational data from the past.
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04.19.10NSB Journal

2010 marks the 20th year for the National Science Bowl.

To celebrate this accomplishment, NSB launched several new web site features to provide near real-time information as the event unfolds. Visit http://www.osti.gov/nsbjournal/ to read the latest journal articles, review scientific discoveries of the past 20 years and sign up for Facebook and Twitter.
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A boy sitting on the floor with a helicopter and bottle of glue04.19.10Article

High School Shop Class Gets a Green Make-over

An ACTS fellow from Colorado brings the latest green technology to his students.
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A young female student experimenting with green goo04.14.10Article

Science Careers Seek Young Women

Argonne National Laboratory Strives to Energize Girls to Pursue Careers in Science and Engineering.
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