Science Headlines

05.27.14University Research

Scientists Demonstrate Improved Catalyst Control, Energy Savings Could ResultExternal link

Inspired by how enzymes work in nature’s biological processes, researchers have demonstrated a way to improve control of synthetic catalysts, according to a paper co-authored by a University of Alabama computational chemist that was published in a recent online issue of the journal Nature Nanotechnology. Read MoreExternal linkage

05.23.14From the Labs

Argonne Scientists Discover New Magnetic Phase in Iron-based SuperconductorsExternal link

Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory have discovered a previously unknown phase in a class of superconductors called iron arsenides. This sheds light on a debate over the interactions between atoms and electrons that are responsible for their unusual superconductivity. Read MoreExternal linkage

05.23.14University Research

Stanford Researchers Discover Immune System's Rules of EngagementExternal link

Study finds surprising similarities in the way immune system defenders bind to disease-causing invaders. Read MoreExternal linkage

05.22.14University Research

Why Eumelanin is Such a Good Absorber of LightExternal link

Researchers uncover secret of a ubiquitous pigment’s ability to absorb a broad spectrum of light. Read MoreExternal linkage

05.22.14University Research

A New Way to Harness Waste HeatExternal link

Electrochemical approach has potential to efficiently turn low-grade heat to electricity. Read MoreExternal linkage

05.19.14From the Labs

Lighting the Way to Graphene-based DevicesExternal link

Berkeley Lab researchers use light to dope graphene boron nitride heterostructures. Read MoreExternal linkage

05.19.14University Research

UT Arlington Particle Physics Team Awarded $2.5 Million GrantExternal link

The funding, which begins this month, represents a 25 percent increase from previous Energy Department base award grants to the College of Science’s Center of Excellence in High Energy Physics – a hearty recognition of the innovative ideas and research under way at The University of Texas at Arlington. Read MoreExternal linkage

05.16.14From the Labs

A Tipping Point for LigninExternal link

Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory offer a new view of an organic polymer often dismissed as a worthless by-product. Read MoreExternal linkage

05.15.14From the Labs

CEBAF Beam Goes Over the HumpExternal link

The Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility (CEBAF) at the U.S. Department of Energy's Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility has achieved the final two accelerator commissioning milestones needed for approval to start experimental operations following its first major upgrade. Read MoreExternal linkage

05.14.14University Research

University of Houston Physicists Look for Answers to Questions about the UniverseExternal link

Experiments involving neutrinos and leptons may offer answers to fundamental questions. Read MoreExternal linkage

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