Workshop on The Nation’s Needs for Isotopes: Present and Future

Working Group Presentations

Group 1 – Stable and Enriched Isotopes 
Enriched Stable Isotopes and Technical Services at ORNL.pdf file (2.0MB) – Scott Aaron
5-Year Sales Analysis of ORNL Stable Isotopes Inventory Depletion .xls file (19KB)
Table for Report .pdf file (41KB)
Synthesis of Compounds with Isotopic Signatures .pdf file (913KB)– Clifford J. Unkefer
Nonlinear Ion Dynamics, LLC .pdf file (550KB)– Alfred Wong
Group 2 – Radioisotopes for Research and Development 
88-Inch Cyclotron – Isotopes Used and Produced.pdf file (249KB) – Claude Lyneis 
Use of Arsenic-73 and Other Radioactive Metals/Metalloids in Research to Support US EPA’s Regulatory Decisions.pdf file (111KB) – Michael Hughes 
The Advanced Test Reactor Capabilities and Experiments.pdf file (1.0MB) – Frances Marshall
Radioisotope Use at the ORD/EPA .pdf file (404KB)– Ram Ramabhadran 
BNL Radioisotope Research & Production Program.pdf file (2.5MB) – Leonard Mausner 
Overview of Siemens Molecular Imaging Isotope Production, Distribution and R&D.pdf file (145KB) – Roger Moroney
Tracing Substance Translocation and Accumulation in Plants Using Radioisotopes .pdf file (575KB)– Calvin Howell 
Isotope Production at LANL.pdf file (765KB) – Meiring Nortier 
Heavy Element Chemistry Portfolio.pdf file (832KB) – Lester R. Morss 
University of Missouri and MU Research Reactor Center.pdf file (3.3MB) – David Robertson 
Chemistry and Physics of the Heaviest Elements.pdf file (107KB) – Heino Nitsche 
CARIBU – Radioactive Beams from 252Cf Fission.pdf file (3.0MB) – Richard Pardo 
Lead-212/Bismuth-212 in Preclinical Research.pdf file (1.5MB) – Martin Brechbiel 
Using a Multiple Isotope Approach to Understand Uranium Cellular Effects.pdf file (371KB) – Alexandra C. Miller 
Isotope Needs for ATLAS Operations and CARIBU.pdf file (669KB) – Richard Pardo
R&D Isotopes Summary .pdf file (19KB)– Robert Atcher 
DOE NP Workshop.pdf file (11KB) – Mike Welch 
R&D Isotopes Summary.pdf file (19KB) – 
Enriched Stable Isotopes and Technical Services at ORNL.pdf file (2.0MB) – Scott Aaron 
Isotopes for Nuclear Science at LLNL.pdf file (498KB) – Mark A. Stoyer
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