Environment, Safety and Health (ES&H)

The Office of Science (SC) has a NEPA Compliance Officer on staff to coordinate all NEPA compliance and support matters at its laboratories. Responsibilities include managing the review and approval of NEPA documentation of SC Headquarter programs, and working with Department of Energy (DOE) Science programs and other DOE Headquarters Program Offices conducting research at SC facilities. SC takes a proactive approach in meeting the environmental and decision-making goals of NEPA and associated Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) regulations by developing and implementing:

  • Policy and management expectations
  • NEPA guidance and procedures
  • NEPA Quality Awards program to recognize achievements

Visit EPA's National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Compliance siteExternal link

Visit DOE's Office of NEPA Policy and Compliance site

Visit SC's Categorical Exclusions and NEPA Documents page

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory includes over 200 active buildings and is located on over 33,500 acres. Facilities directly supporting ORNL’s mission range from small research laboratories to nuclear facilities. ORNL also includes the infrastructure necessary to support more 4,400 full-time employees and over 3,000 facility users and visiting scientists. In addition, ORNL also manages site located facilities such as the fire department, steam plant, sewage treatment facility, and a guest house for visitors.

ORNL maintains registration and certification with: Occupational Safety & Health Assessment Series (OSHAS) 18001; International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001 for Quality Management Systems; and ISO 14001 for Environmental Management registration. The Department encourages a strong Integrated Safety Management program and Environmental Management System to support all activities conducted at ORNL. All operations are conducted in accordance with requirements contained within the contract between the Department of Energy and UT-Battelle. Several permits are in place for the operation of the facilities and an Annual Site Environmental ReportExternal link is available to the community.

NEPA documentation for OSO contractor facilities is provided in the following table listing Categorical Exclusion Determination Documents (CX Determinations); Public inquiries in reference to any of these NEPA CX Determinations should be directed to:

James L. Elmore
DOE SC - OR NEPA Compliance Officer
P.O. Box 2001, SE-32
Oak Ridge, TN 37831
(865) 576-0938

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Site Office Categorical Exclusion (CX) Determinations

Categorical Exclusion Determination Documents (CX Determinations): *

Determination Date Name of Action: Description Categorical Exclusion NumberExternal link
06/29/2010 Storage of TRU and TRU Mixed Waste in Building 7860A at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).pdf file (197KB) B6.10
05/11/2010 Solar-assisted Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations.pdf file (144KB) B5.1
05/11/2010 Installation and Operation of Majorana Underground Electro-forming Research Project.pdf file (82KB) B3.6
03/02/2010 East Campus Parking Structure at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).pdf file (10KB) B1.15
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