Categorical Exclusion (CX) Determinations

Oak Ridge Office CX Determinations

Categorical Exclusion Determination Documents (CX Determinations): *

Determination Date Name of Action: Description Categorical Exclusion NumberExternal link
11/19/2012 Training Exercises and Simulation Projects (ORR).pdf file (61KB) B1.2
11/19/2012 Fire Protection Upgrades (ORR).pdf file (59KB) B1.2; B1.3; B2.2
11/19/2012 Maintenance Activities (ORR).pdf file (78KB) B1.3; B1.27; B2.1; B2.2; B2.3; B5.1
11/19/2012 Alterations to Existing Buildings, Construction of Small-Scale Support Structures, and Relocation of Machinery and Equipment (ORR).pdf file (62KB) B1.11; B1.15; B1.31
11/19/2012 Waste Minimization and Reuse (ORR).pdf file (67KB) B3.6; B6.8
11/19/2012 Analytical Services and Development Support Activities (ORR).pdf file (68KB) B1.15; B3.1; B3.6; B3.10
11/19/2012 Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) Activities (ORR).pdf file (60KB) B3.6; B3.10; B3.11
11/19/2012 Deactivation of Facilities (ORR).pdf file (59KB) B1.27; B1.28
11/19/2012 Closure Activities Under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) (ORR).pdf file (63KB) B1.28
11/05/2012 Central Training Facility and Office of Secure Transportation Fence Line Maintenance (ORR).pdf file (20KB) B1.3; B1.11
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