Environment, Safety and Health (ES&H)

The Office of Science (SC) has an uncompromising commitment to Environment, Safety and Health. To be world class in science, SC must be best in class in safety performance.

"In order to achieve world leadership in our laboratory operations, we must hold our people and ourselves accountable for safety performance. As line managers, we are responsible for accomplishing the science mission, which means we must set expectations for safety performance, evaluate performance against those expectations, and hold our contractor accountable. In doing so, let us commit to a philosophy that begins with the belief that all accidents are preventable and thus that a reasonable and ever-present goal for ourselves can and should be one of 'zero' injuries. We must all approach every workday with the expectation that safety is the foundation on which all other activities are performed, and we must conduct ourselves at all times such that accidents and injuries are avoidable."

--Dr. William F. Brinkman, Office of Science Director

The Environment Safety and Health Division instills this belief in the important work that we carry out. From aggressively supporting the Department's vision for safety reform, to supporting SC programs and Site Offices in the areas of Quality Assurance, Fire Protection, Chemical Safety and others, our Division is committed to a safe work environment.

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