Safeguards & Security

In support of the SC mission, the S&S program should ensure appropriate levels of protection against unauthorized access, theft, diversion, loss of custody, destruction of Department assets, or hostile acts that may cause adverse impacts on fundamental science, national security, the health and safety of the Department of Energy (DOE) and contractor employees, the public, and the environment. In order to provide this support, the SC S&S program has established the following goals and priorities:

  • Protect special, source, and other nuclear materials, radioactive material, and classified and unclassified controlled information at SC laboratories;
  • Provide physical controls to SC national laboratory facilities to mitigate other security risks, including risks to facilities and laboratory employees, to an acceptable level;
  • Provide cyber security controls for SC national laboratory information systems to protect data while enabling the mission;
  • Assure site security programs result in the secure workplace required to facilitate scientific advances; and 
  • Provide guidance and approvals, as applicable, for Foreign Visits and Assignments at SC laboratories and HQ operations.

Successfully executing the SC mission and goals requires national and international information sharing and open scientific collaboration. The SC S&S program is designed to ensure that appropriate measures are in place given the breadth of mission requirements and assets within SC laboratories.

Last modified: 3/18/2013 10:56:26 AM