• Einstein Fellows spend 11 months in a Federal agency or U.S. Congressional office engaged in education policy and/or program related activities, bringing their experience as an educator to the offices in which they serve.
  • The Triangle Coalition provides a program orientation in September and professional development sessions for Fellows throughout the year, including opportunities for Fellows to interact with various organizations, associations and experts who focus on STEM education issues and are located in the Washington Metropolitan area.
  • Host offices provide a designated office space and agency/office specific orientation and training.
  • Einstein Fellows receive a monthly stipend of $6,000 plus a $1,000 housing allowance.
  • Einstein Fellows have a travel allowance for approved travel related to their host agency assignments and approved professional development opportunities. The travel stipends vary by agency, but average a minimum of $4,500 per year. Limitations on foreign travel will vary by agency.
  • Einstein Fellows also are reimbursed for moving/relocations expenses up to a maximum amount for the year that varies by sponsoring agency.
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