The Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship is intended to support the intellectual and professional development of K-12 teachers in science, math, engineering, or technology fields who have the desire to bring their education and classroom expertise to Washington, DC, for the mutual benefit to Federal agency and U.S. Congressional offices.

Selected candidates have the following program obligations:

  • Must provide proof of U.S. citizenship upon accepting a Fellowship offer;
  • Must provide proof of approved leave of absence from teaching;
  • Must complete the 11 month appointment (September  - July);
  • Must meet the Terms and Conditions spelled out in the offer letters or letters of appointment provided by their sponsoring agencies, including requirements for ethical conduct,  and financial disclosure and conflict-of-interest;
  • Must participate in the professional development meetings organized for Fellows; and 
  • Must submit the requested written reports, presentations, and surveys related to the Fellowship experience;
  • Must represent themselves as educators in a responsible and professional manner;

Fellows must also comply with all legal and ethical requirements subject to their individual appointments. An example of ethics guidelines for DOE sponsored Fellows can be viewed here.pdf file (69KB).

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