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Maine Regional High School Science Bowl

Coach Registration
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Regional Event Information
Date: February 28, 2015
Maximum Number of Teams: 22
Maximum Number of Teams per School: 2
Registration Fee: $0

States and/or Counties Served:

Team Approval Process
We are two professors at the University of Southern Maine who host a science bowl and we welcome you (this year, 2015, will be our 15th bowl).  Only two teams per school. Each team must have its own coach. Please register your teams on the National Science Bowl web site. It is much better to get your registration started so we have some information than to wait till the last minute--we need the names and t-shirt sizes in particular. If you don't know the size, then guess and we can swap around later. We like to know who the teams are by two weeks in advance so that the week before the event we can have a practice for officials. And let us know if you have any volunteers to help with the event.  Please call or email Rob or Bob if you have any questions.

Teams will be approved on a first-come, first-served basis determined by the date/time stamp when their registrations were submitted, with first registered teams taking precedence over second registered teams, with the goal of as many different schools participating as possible.

  • Eligible first registered teams will be approved to participate as soon as possible after registration.
  • Beginning 5 weeks prior to the regional event and space permitting, second registered teams will be approved to participate.

Competition Location
Bailey Hall, University of Southern Maine
37 College Ave
Gorham, Maine  04038

Regional Contact Information
Regional Coordinator: Robert Sanford
Phone: 207-780-5756

Co-Coordinator:  Robert Kuech
Phone: 207-730-5390

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