Tennessee Regions

Tennessee Regional High School Science Bowl

Coach Registration
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Regional Event Information
Date: February 27, 2016
Maximum Number of Teams: 56
Maximum Number of Teams per School: 2
Registration Fee: n/a
Hosted by: ORAU

States and/or Counties Served

Team Approval Process
A school can register up to two teams, Team 1 (first registered team) and Team 2 (second registered team). Teams will be approved on a first-come, first-served basis determined by the date/time stamp when their registrations were submitted, with first registered teams taking precedence over second registered teams, with the goal of as many different schools participating as possible.

  • Eligible first registered teams will be approved to participate as soon as possible after registration.
  • Beginning 5 weeks prior to the event and space permitting, second registered teams will be approved to participate.

Competition Location
Pellissippi State Community College Blount Co
2731 W Lamar Alexander Parkway
Friendsville, Tennessee 37737

Regional Contact Information
Regional Coordinator: Jennifer Tyrell
Email: Jennifer.Tyrell@orau.org
Phone: 865-576-3409

Co-Coordinator: Barbara Dunkin
Email: Barbara.Dunkin@orau.org
Phone: 865-574-6440

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