Middle School Rules, Forms, and Resources

Academic Question Resources

For Science:

Discovery http://www.discovery.comExternal link
Nature http://www.nature.comExternal link
Economist http://www.economist.com/science/External link
New Scientist http://www.newscientist.comExternal link
NSTA http://www.nsta.org/middleschoolExternal link
Body Atlas http://www.empireblue.com/member/my_health/wellness_center/body_atlas/index.shtmlExternal link
Newsweek http://www.msnbc.com/news/NW-front_Front.aspExternal link
Science Magazine http://www.sciencemag.orgExternal link
Science News http://www.sciencenews.orgExternal link
Scientific American http://www.sciam.comExternal link
Time Magazine http://www.time.com/timeExternal link
BBC http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/default.stmExternal link
CNN http://www.cnn.com/techExternal link

For Math:

Math Horizons http://www.mathcs.carleton.edu/math_horizons/External link
Math Counts http://mathcounts.orgExternal link
NCES http://nces.ed.gov/timss/timss-r/index.aspExternal link

Recommended Periodicals/Texts for Science:

Ranger Rick Nature Scope

National Wildlife Federation - 1988
Washington, DC McGraw - Hill ISBN 0070471010

Atlas of Science

American Association for the Advancement of ScienceBook Order Department
1200 New York Ave. NWWashington, DC 200051-888-PDP-2061

Biology: The Unity and Diversity of Life
Starr and Taggart (1998)Science Glencoe Life Science by Daniel, Ortleb and Biggs Science
Earth Science: Heath Earth Science
Spaulding and Namowitz, copyright 1994
D.K. Guide to the Human Body

D.K. PublishingISBN 07894-7388-7

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