How to Apply

Application Requirements

All applications to the SCGSR program must be completed through the online application system.

The SCGSR Program Application Requirements Include:

  1. Required Fields of the Online Application System
  2. A SCGSR Research Proposal
  3. Official Graduate Transcripts and Proof of Ph.D. Candidacy
  4. Two Letters of Support

Applicants should create an account on the SCGSR online application system well before the application deadline and become familiar with the application information requested.

  • The online application system will guide applicants through the application requirements.
  • Only complete applications submitted by the deadline will be considered for evaluation and placement.
  • Materials uploaded into the online application system will provide the sole basis for evaluation. It is recommended that the applicant review the Application Evaluation and Selection prior to completing the application.

Required Fields of the Online Application System

Applicants must complete all required fields in the online application. This includes:

  • Contact Information
  • Academic Information, including Current Graduate Program Information
  • Citizenship or Permanent Residency Status
  • Professional Information, such as Scientific Publications and Awards
  • Graduate Thesis Advisor and Collaborating DOE Laboratory Scientist Contact Information

SCGSR Research Proposal

The SCGSR research proposal is developed by the applying graduate student in collaboration with a collaborating DOE laboratory research scientist, and in consultation with the student’s primary graduate thesis advisor. The SCGSR research proposal includes the scope of thesis research proposed to be conducted at the DOE laboratory. The research proposal must be submitted online with the online application. Guidelines for development of the research proposal, as well as specific proposal format and required elements, can be found here.

*Duplicate Application: An application whose SCGSR research proposal is the same as that of a SCGSR application already awarded from a previous SCGSR solicitation cycle is a duplicate application and will NOT be considered in any other SCGSR solicitation cycles.

Official Graduate Transcripts and Proof of Ph.D. Candidacy

Applicants are required to upload a PDF copy of their current graduate transcripts to the online application system. If the status of the Ph.D. candidacy is not already explicitly indicated in the official graduate transcripts, additional official documents from the applicants’ host institutions is requested as proof of establishing the Ph.D. candidacy. This document must be uploaded in PDF form to the online application system. The acceptable official forms of proof for Ph.D. candidacy are: 1) an official letter from the applicant’s university/college Registrar’s office; or 2) a signed letter from the Chair of the applicant’s academic department.

The graduate transcript documents must be redacted to remove (made non-visible) any Social Security numbers or birth dates (partial or complete). View details on submitting acceptable transcripts.

*Duplicate Application: An application whose SCGSR research proposal has the same scope as that of a SCGSR research proposal of a previously submitted application that is already awarded in a SCGSR competition cycle will NOT be considered. 

Two Letters of Support

Two Letters of Support are required, and must be provided through the online application process. These include:

  • A Letter of Support from the graduate student’s primary graduate thesis advisor.
  • A Letter of Support from the collaborating DOE laboratory scientist.

Applicants request the Letters of Support through the online application system. Applicants provide contact information in the online system and, through the system, send automated email notifications with instructions to the primary graduate thesis advisor and the collaborating DOE laboratory scientists. These individuals must submit their letter of support through the online portal using the instructions provided. Applicants are encouraged to begin their discussions about the proposed SCGSR research proposal as early as possible with these individuals so that their letters of support can be completed with full knowledge of your proposed research and your preparedness for such research.

Letters of Support are due before the application closing date and cannot be submitted outside the online application system. View guidance and details on submitting Letters of Support.

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