How to Apply

Application Requirements

  • All Applications to the SULI program must be completed online through the online application system.
  • The online application system will guide applicants through the application requirements.
  • Only complete applications submitted by the deadline will be considered for evaluation and placement.
  • Materials uploaded into the application system will provide the sole basis for evaluation.

Applications must include:

  1. Completion of all required fields in the applications, including:
    • Contact and Education Information
    • Citizenship Status
    • Laboratory/facility choice and research interests
    • Essays
  2. Undergraduate transcripts, submitted online
    • Eligibility requires applicants to submit university-issued copies of their most recent transcripts available at the time of application. Transcripts are uploaded as Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files into the application system, and must be clearly legible, must be labeled with your name and the name of the university/college, must clearly show all courses, all course grades, and a cumulative GPA. Transcripts must have both your social security number and date of birth removed or blackened out.
    • Eligibility also requires that applicants submit undergraduate transcripts from any and all undergraduate academic institutions attended as a matriculated student.
    • Acceptable transcripts may either be (i) an official hard-copy transcript that you have scanned and saved as an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file, or (ii) an unofficial transcript provided electronically to you directly from your university/college either via a website or email. Either type of transcript must have all social security numbers and/or dates of birth blackened out prior to uploading into the application system.
    • Do not mail or email transcripts to DOE - they will not be considered.
  3. Two Recommendations, submitted online
    • Applicants are encouraged to make the requests for recommendations as soon as possible. It is the applicant’s responsibility to inform their recommenders that they must submit their recommendation using the online system by the application deadline. Additionally, it is suggested that the applicant discuss this request in advance with potential recommenders, and allow adequate time for the recommender to act on this request.
    • Applicants must have two recommendations submitted in support of their application. Recommendations from individuals familiar with the applicant’s education, training, experience, aptitude, or promise relevant to the SULI Program are suggested.
    • Based upon recommender contact information entered as part of the application process, the application system automatically sends an email message to recommenders with information on how to access and submit their recommendation. Requests for recommendations can be made by using the “Final Submit” action in the recommendation request section.
    • WDTS will not accept any mailed or emailed recommendations.
    • Applicants may solicit a minimum of two, but up to three, recommendation requests from individuals familiar with the applicant’s education, training, experience, aptitude, or promise relevant to the SULI Program. The first two recommendations that are completed in the system will be the only ones included with your application.
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