August 2007

The August 14-15, 2007, ASCR Advisory Committee Meeting was held at the American Geophysical Union (AGU), 2000 Florida Avenue in Washington, DC.

 •  Agenda.pdf file (17KB)
 •  Minutes.pdf file (44KB)
 •  Presentations:
  1. View From Washington and Germantown.pdf file (894KB)
    Michael Strayer, Associate Director, OASCR, Office of Science
  2. Federal Advisory Committee ACT Basics.pdf file (38KB)
    Christine Chalk, OASCR
  3. ESnet Workshops.pdf file (36KB)
    Dan Hitchcock, OASCR
  4. Update on SciDAC.pdf file (521KB)
    Walt Polansky, OASCR
  5. Report Discussion on Charge - Networking.pdf file (148KB)
    Ellen Stechel, ASCAC Member
  6. Report Discussion on Charge - Joint Panel with BERAC on GTL.pdf file (1.2MB)
    Rick Stevens, ASCAC Member
  7. Role of HPC in BER.pdf file (2.4MB)
    Jerry Elwood, BER
  8. New Charge - Joint Panel with BERAC on Climate Modeling.pdf file (21KB)
    Michael Strayer, Associate Director, OASCR
  9. Report Discussion on SciDAC Committee of Visitors (COV).pdf file (188KB)
    Bob Voigt, ASCAC Member
  10. Update on the High Productivity Computing Systems (HPCS) Program.pdf file (1.7MB)
    Fred Johnson, OASCR
  11. Update on INCITE.pdf file (1.8MB)
    Barb Helland, OASCR
  12. What's Going on in European and Asian Supercomputing.pdf file (2.1MB)
    Gary Johnson, OASCR
  13. Presentation of Town Hall Meetings.pdf file (715KB)
    Horst Simon, Rick Stevens & Thomas Zacharia, ASCAC Members
  14. New Charge - Assessing the Strategic Priorities & Balance of ASCR
    Michael Strayer, Associate Director, OASCR
  15. The Future of Performance Engineering in HPC.pdf file (888KB)
    Jeffrey Vetter, ORNL
  16. Improving R&D Integration in DOE.pdf file (121KB)
    Bill Valdez, Office of Science
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