February 2007

The February 27-28, 2007 ASCAC meeting was held at the American Geophysical Union (AGU), 2000 Florida Avenue in Washington, DC

 •  Agenda.pdf file (16KB)
 •  Minutes.pdf file (50KB)
 •  Presentations:
  1. View From Washington on the Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research.pdf file (2.3MB)
    Michael Strayer, Associate Director, OASCR, Office of Science
  2. Presentation from the Under Secretary for Science.pdf file (693KB)
    Raymond L. Orbach, DOE Under Secretary for Science
  3. Report Discussion on Charge 1, Performance Metrics for Computational Facilities.pdf file (242KB)
    Gordon Bell, ASCAC Member
  4. NERSC: Applying Centers Metrics, Part 2 of Charge 1 Report Discussion.pdf file (58KB)
    Horst Simon, et al., ASCAC Member
  5. Management Principles for HPC & Leadership Computer Acquisitions.pdf file (38KB)
    Dan Hitchcock, OASCR
  6. Report Discussion on Charge 2 - Examine the Role and Efficiency of Networking and Networking Research within SC.pdf file (35KB)
    Ellen Stechel, ASCAC Member
  7. Sub-Surface Modeling.pdf file (31KB)
    Gary Johnson, OASCR
  8. Update on SciDAC.pdf file (868KB)
    Walt Polansky, OASCR
  9. Strategy for Applied Math Program.pdf file (944KB)
    David Brown, LLNL
  10. New Charges - COV Review of Computational Partnerships and Joint Panel with BERAC.pdf file (21KB)
    Michael Strayer, Associate Director, OASCR
  11. Overview of Cyber Security Workshop.pdf file (27KB)
    Gary Johnson, OASCR
  12. Outreach and Communications Project for ASCR.pdf file (654KB)
    Jim Corones, Krell Institute
  13. Mathematical Research Challenges in Optimzation of Complex Systems.pdf file (72KB)
    Virginia Torczon, ASCAC Member
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