October 2001

The October 25-26, 2001, Advisory Committee Meeting was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, 14th & K Streets, Washington, DC

 •  Agenda.pdf file (14KB)
 •  Minutes.pdf file (81KB)
 •  Presentations:
  1. Office of Science Update.pdf file (109KB)
    James F. Decker, Acting Director, Office of Science
  2. Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research Update.pdf file (83KB)
    Ed Oliver, Associate Director, OASCR, Office of Science
  3. Thoughts on HPC Facilities Strategies for the DOE/SC: Grids to Petaflops.pdf file (445KB)
    Rick Stevens, Argonne National Laboratory
  4. Presentation of Facilities; Computational Accelerator Physics at NERSC: A User's Perspective.pdf file (1.4MB)
    Robert Ryne, LBNL
  5. Status & Needs for DOE Computing: A Mission Driven Perspective.pdf file (220KB)
    Dalton Schnack, SAIC
  6. ESnet in Context.pdf file (551KB)
    Steve Wolff, ASCAC Advisory Committee Member from Cisco Systems
  7. Discussion of Facilities.pdf file (62KB)
    Jill Dahlberg, ASCAC Advisory Committee Member from General Atomics
  8. Overarching Issues Sub-Committee.pdf file (66KB)
    Gregory McRae, ASCAC Advisory Committee Member from MIT
  9. The Launch of Scientific Discovery Through Advanced Computing.pdf file (880KB)
    Steve Eckstrand, Office of Science
  10. SciDAC: Future Challenges.pdf file (947KB)
    Dave Bader, Office of Science, SC-74
  11. ASCAC Biotechnology Subcommittee Report.pdf file (28KB)
    Juan Meza, ASCAC Advisory Committee Member from Sandia National Laboratories
  12. Computational Biology Discussion.pdf file (1.2MB)
    Gary Johnson, Krell Institute
  13. Special Guest - 2001 Dinner Speaker:  David J. Goldston.pdf file (10KB)
    Chief of Staff, House Committee on Science
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