October 2008

The Fall 2008 ASCAC meeting was October 28-29, 2008 at the Hilton Washington D.C. North/Gaithersburg, 620 Perry Parkway, Gaithersburg, MD 20877 USA.

 •  Agenda.pdf file (16KB)
 •  Minutes.pdf file (103KB)
 •  Presentations:
  1. View From Washington and Germantown.pdf file (623KB)
    Michael Strayer, Associate Director, OASCR, Office of Science
  2. Petascale Data Storage Institute.pdf file (2.6MB)
    Garth Gibson, Carnegie Mellon University
  3. HPC User Perspectives.pdf file (7.3MB)
    Tom Lange, Proctor & Gamble
  4. Facilities Update.pdf file (1.9MB)
    Vince Dattoria, OASCR, Office of Science
  5. Simulating Nuclear Power Plants.pdf file (992KB)
    Paul Fischer, Argonne National Laboratory
  6. Update on Applied Math Program.pdf file (467KB)
    Sandy Landsberg, OASCR, Office of Science
  7. Towards Scalable Methods for Large-Scale Statistical Inverse Problems.pdf file (2.4MB)
    Omar Ghattas, Univ. of Texas at Austin
  8. SciDAC Update (Mid-Term Review Plans).pdf file (232KB)
    Walt Polansky, OASCR, Office of Science
  9. Exascale Workshops.pdf file (367KB)
    Lali Chatterjee, OASCR, Office of Science
  10. ASCR Response to INCITE COV & New Charge - Computer Science COV.pdf file (29KB)
    Michael Strayer, AD, OASCR, Office of Science
  11. Graphs & HPC: Lessons for Future Architectures.pdf file (315KB)
    Bruce Hendrickson, Sandia National Laboratories
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