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The Incredible Shrinking Particle Accelerator 12.06.16Article

The Incredible Shrinking Particle AcceleratorExternal link

New Computer Modeling/Data Analysis/Visualization Toolkit Speeds Simulations, Design

This simulationExternal link shows how a single electron rides a wave, helping researchers build and refine these new machines. (Courtesy: Jean-Luc Vay, Berkeley Lab)

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NERSC Resources Help Researchers Identify 125,000 New Viral SequencesExternal linkExternal link

DOE JGI researchers utilized the largest collection of assembled metagenomic datasets from around the world to uncover over 125,000 partial and complete viral genomes, the majority of them infecting microbes

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Richardson 08.04.16Article

DOE CSGF Alumna Sarah Richardson Receives L’Oréal FellowshipExternal link

Sarah RichardsonExternal link, a Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship (DOE CSGF) alumna, is one of five women to receive the 2015 For Women in Science Fellowship from cosmetics maker L’Oréal USA.

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Lawrence Award 08.04.16Article

Computational mathematician at Sandia receives DOE’s Lawrence AwardExternal link

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Sandia National Laboratories researcher Pavel Bochev, a computational mathematician, has received an Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award for his pioneering theoretical and practical advances in numerical methods for partial differential equations.

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ANL Team 08.04.16Article

ANL Team wins awardExternal link

Argonne-Developed Technology for Achieving Superlubricity Wins 2016 Techconnect National Innovation Award.

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Supercomputing Better Engines at Argonne 08.04.16Article

Supercomputing Better Engines at ArgonneExternal link

Researchers are using Argonne supercomputers to jump-start internal-combustion engine designs in the name of conservation.

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New Mathematics 08.04.16Article

New Mathematics Accurately Captures Liquids and Surfaces Moving in SynergyExternal link

Berkely Lab Mathematics captures fluid interface dynamics in unprecendented detail.

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Nucleus Calcium 07.28.16Article

What Is the Size of the Atomic Nucleus

SciDAC collaboration calculates size of the atomic nucleus of calcium-48.

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