Computer Science

ASCR X-Stack Portfolio

Berkley Lab

DEGAS (K.Yelick)

Hierarchical programming models, language design, compilers, communications layer, adaptive runtime, resilience. link


Traleika Glacier (S. Borkar)

Simulation infrastructure. Compiler optimization, execution models, and runtime environments. link



D-TEC (D. Quinlan, S. Amarasinghe)

Complete solution for X-Stack: DSL, compilers, abstract machine model, refinement and transformation framework, adaptive runtime systems. http://www.dtec-xstack.orgExternal link


XPRESS (R. Brightwell)

Runtime system implementing Parallex, co-designed with an OS. Framework to translate MPI and Open MP legacy codes. link


DynAX (Guang Gao)

Programming Models, Compilers and Runtime Systems for Dynamic Adaptive Event- Driven Execution Models. link

University of UTAH

XTUNE (M. Hall)

A unified autotuning framework that seamlessly integrates programmer-directed and compiler-directed autotuning. link

University of Chicago

GVR (A. Chien)

Global view data model to enable application-informed, portable resilience. End-to-end
approach for incremental adoption and evaluation of architecture support for
resilience. http://gvr.cs.uchicago.eduExternal link



Automated bug finding methods to eliminate non- determinism in program execution and to make concurrency bugs and floating point behavior reproducible. link


SLEEC (M. Kulkarni)

Semantics-aware, extensible optimizing compiler that treats compilation as an optimization problem. link

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